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The Flip or Flop star is single after breaking things off through her contractor boyfriend, Gary Anderson, ET has actually learned.

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"Christina is solitary and gift in a partnership is the last point on she mind," the HGTV star"s rep tells ET. "She is acquisition this time to emphasis on her children and herself."

Christina and also Gary had actually been spotted out earlier this month, marking her very first foray ago into the dating game due to the fact that her husband and also co-star, Tarek El Moussa, announced their split in December, adhering to 7 year of marriage.

Despite the separation, a source told ET previously this month that filming because that season 7 the the popular display was underway, and also that the exes were committed come co-parenting their 2 children, 6-year-old Taylor, and 1-year-old Hayden.

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"Their kids are your number one priority. They"ll constantly communicate," the source told ET. "They"re walking to it is in cordial for the finest of your family."

Watch the video clip below to check out Tarek"s perspective on just how the former couple continues to occupational together regardless of the split.

'Flip or Flop' Star Tarek El Moussa on Filming with Ex Christina: 'We had actually to Fight with It'

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