Gary Coleman ended up being a vast child star many thanks to playing the personality of Arnold Jackson ~ above "Diff"rent Strokes." The popularity of Coleman and also the long-running series would have actually seemingly collection the gibbs up through plenty that wealth. Unfortunately, his life take it some daunting turns transparent his adult years and he ultimately lost almost everything he"d initially constructed up.

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According come Biography, Coleman started "Diff"rent Strokes" in ~ the period of 10. The had currently navigated some difficult life experience by the point, having been born with plenty of health problems been adopted as an infant. He had two kidney transplants prior to he to be an adult, and his health problems stunted his growth. That was only 4 feet 8 inch tall, but his huge personality made him the perfect choose for "Diff"rent Strokes."

When Coleman began doing "Diff"rent Strokes," Gary Coleman Productions was created to handle his business affairs. The young actor"s parents, Willie and also Sue Coleman, managed both him and his career throughout those days. "Diff"rent Strokes" finished in 1986, and also his IMDb web page detailed more than 2 dozen subsequent gigs or television present appearances. He wasn"t maybe to preserve the level of popular he"d proficient on his childhood show, though, and also financial difficulties developed.

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In 1989, Gary Coleman sue his parents and claimed they"d mismanaged his finances, CNN reported. In ~ the time, Coleman"s trust fund should have been worth as much as $18 million dollars, People noted. However, once he to be 17 and wanted to utilize it, he uncovered merely $220,000, Biography detailed. Coleman pursued a judgment of $3.8 million, and also the suit was resolved in 1993 for $1.3 million (per alphabet News).

That judgement didn"t birds Coleman over because that long. He kept the mismanagement concerns caused recurring financial problems, and he filed because that bankruptcy in 1999. Legitimate issues and medical problems ongoing throughout Coleman"s adulthood. That married Shannon Price in 2007, but a "Divorce Court" appearance revealed this didn"t help Coleman"s financial status or psychological health.

"People will certainly stab you in the back, mistreat you, talk about me behind your back, steal indigenous you. And they"re no really her friends. They"re only there since you"re a celebrity or because they desire to gain something native you," Coleman explained (via abc News).

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When that died, alphabet News provided that Coleman"s assets were minimal. In spite of that, a war over his legacy brewed. His Utah home, residuals, licensing rights, and also a display Actors Guild pension were enough to notice a fight between Coleman"s ex-wife Price and an ex-girlfriend. Both in life and death, Coleman"s successes to be overshadowed and squandered via a an overwhelming life and also people that took benefit of him.