(Photo through Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)Actor Gary Dourdan has been making ladies swoon because that over 30 years. The tall, caramel-complexion handsome guy strolled ~ above the tiny screen and also into ours hearts as the love interest of Freddie ~ above “A different World.” because then, we’ve watched him in a variety of movies like Alien: Resurrection, heart Food the TV series, and his recurring role on CSI: Crime step Investigation.

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Dourdan has actually been in and out the spotlight, which have actually led many to hear and also spread rumors. Many of i beg your pardon aren’t true.

Mugshot Rumor

While the actor has had actually some run-ins v drug possession, it’s not as bad as world have do it out to be. There has been a rumor the Dourdan not doing well. Civilization even believed they had actually pictures come prove it. A picture was circulating around that looked favor a before and also after picture of Dourdan–with the “after” photo looking like a an extremely bad mugshot. However, if the man pictured ~ above the left-hand next of the above-displayed image is undoubtedly actor Gary Dourdan, the guy on the ideal is not.

(NOT Dourdan on the right)

This “before and after” image has been circulating due to the fact that at the very least 2007, when a guy bearing a striking resemblance to Dourdan was arrested in Louisiana. When celebrity gossip website TMZ released Demitris Hirsch’s mugshot alongside a snapshot of Gary Dourdan, they clearly stated the the man on the appropriate was no Dourdan. Succeeding repostings the the image, however, mistakenly established the snapshot on the right as an “after” photograph of Dourdan.

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Other resources have claimed that Hirsch, that was arrested on dues of aggravated battery with a attention weapon, is Dourdan’s brother. This insurance claim is additionally false: Hirsch is not concerned the CSI actor.

Death Rumor

Another rumor was around Dourdan’s death–yes death.

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News of actor Gary Dourdan’s death spread quickly earlier this year resulting in concern among fans throughout the world. However, the December 2020 report confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a cable of fake celebrity fatality reports. However of course, the actor is alive and also well.

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“At around 11 a.m. ET top top Wednesday (December 09, 2020), ours beloved actor Gary Dourdan passed away. Gary Dourdan was born top top December 11, 1966 in Philadelphia. He will be missed however not forgotten. Please display your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

(Photo by john Phillips/Getty Images)

Hundreds that fans immediately started creating their message of condolence ~ above the facebook page, expressing their sadness that

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