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Barack Obama/Joe Biden Incumbent51.3%65,899,660332     Republican Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan 47.4%60,932,152206     Libertarian Gary Johnson/Jim Gray 1%1,275,8040     Green Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala 0.4%469,5010Total Votes128,577,117538Election results via: FEC official election results

Other candidates that showed up on the ballot received less than 0.1% of the vote. Those candidates included: Roseanne Barr, Rocky Anderson, thomas Hoefling, Jerry Litzel, Jeff Boss, Merlin Miller, Randall Terry, Jill Reed, Richard Duncan, Andre Barnett, lining Baldwin, Barbara Washer, Tom Stevens, Virgil Goode, will Christensen, Stewart Alexander, James Harris, Jim Carlson, Sheila Tittle, Peta Lindsay, Gloria La Riva, Jerry White, Dean Morstad and also Jack Fellure.<6>

Campaign themes


Campaign website

Johnson’s campaign website declared the following:

Foreign Policy and National DefenseA much more Practical international PolicyThe objective of both our international policy and also our army should it is in straightforward: To safeguard us native harm and to allow us to exercise our freedoms.

Over the past pair of decades, the is challenging to see how the wars we have actually waged, the interventions we have conducted, the lives sacrificed, and also the trillions of taxes dollars we have actually spent ~ above the various other side that the world have made united state safer. If anything, interventionist policies have made us less safe.

Many an elderly military and foreign policy experts have concluded the the increase of ISIS, for example, was motivated by instability developed by our meddling in the affairs of others. The last number of administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have used our military resources to seek regime changes, embark on difficult nation-building exercises, and also to develop the United states as the policeman the the world.

The results: new enemies and perpetual war.

We have actually enough difficulties to deal with right below at home.

We have to repair relationships through our allies, clarify our objectives, and also only send our brave members that the military to battle when plainly authorized by conference after meaningful, transparent deliberation and debate.

The idea that we can defeat terror by simply putting more boots ~ above the soil or dropping an ext bombs ignores the fact that this high value tactic simply hasn’t worked.

EducationEducation Belongs with the States, ParentsNothing is more important come our future than educating our following generations.

As Governor, Gary Johnson functioned tirelessly to have actually a an ext substantive discussion around the best way to provide great education for our children.

He did so while working v an overwhelmingly autonomous legislature and despite fierce the contrary from an effective special interests.

Gary Johnson trust state and local federal governments should have an ext control over education and learning policy. Decisions that impact our youngsters should it is in made closer to home, not by bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.

The an essential to restoring education and learning excellence in the U.S. Lies in innovation, freedom, and flexibility that Washington, D.C. Cannot provide.

TaxesThe tax Code Does every the dorn ThingsToday’s federal tax code does all the not correct things. The penalizes productivity, savings and investment, while profitable inefficiency and also designating winners and also losers according to politics whim.

As Governor, Gary Johnson functioned with a autonomous legislature to cut new Mexico counting on incomes, gasoline and small businesses.

For much too long, federal taxation laws have actually been offered not simply as a way to collect necessary revenues, yet as a way for one-of-a-kind interests to penalize their rivals while subsidizing themselves. The an outcome is a taxation code the is an ext than 70,000 pages long, imposed by a government firm with practically 100,000 employees. The result is a nightmare because that the median American and unfair benefits for those v the way to manipulate the politicians.

Gary Johnson advocates lower taxes, the removed of one-of-a-kind interest loopholes, and a device that is both simple and fair.

Civil LibertiesCivil for free Are basic to AmericaWhether the trying to tell you who to love, or looking v your cabinet phone, the greatest threat to our polite liberties has come to be the federal government itself. That demands to be quit by a renewed appreciation for what it method to be free.

Our establishing Fathers make the fourth Amendment, for example, to protect against the government from snooping right into our personal lives there is no a warrant.

Yet today, we have actually a federal government that spies on personal communications, monitors ours financial transactions, and also even photographs our patent plates -- all without legit warrants or due process of law.

Gary Johnson desires to acquire the federal government out the your an individual life. The end of your cell phone. Out of your bedroom. And earlier into the organization of protecting your freedoms, not threatening them.

Gary Johnson believes that people, no politicians, need to make selections in their an individual lives, as lengthy as damage is not done come others.

Support our VeteransWe have a Solemn duty to our VeteransGary Johnson trust strongly the we have actually a solemn obligation to respect those who have dealt with for us, sacrificed because that us, and also put their lives on the line to protect our great nation. Once it concerns fulfilling that obligation, there deserve to be no equivocation.

Health care choices have to rest with veterans themselves. While over there are numerous dedicated, caring experts working in VA facilities, lot of the bureaucracy of the VA is more concerned v its own perpetuation 보다 with providing veterans with the care they need. That must be corrected NOW.

From elder treatment to PTSD come the specific health obstacles of ladies who have actually served in uniform, veterans have a wide selection of urgent needs. Because that some, the VA medical device is the finest or just option. That mechanism must duty efficiently, administer timely care, and meet the requirements we would mean for ours own family members members. Because that those who need treatment from private physicians or hospitals, that option need to be available.

Likewise, Gary Johnson understands the challenges faced by countless veterans in their transition to civilian life and also careers. The self-control and an abilities earned native military company are of tremendous value to plenty of employers. The is part of our ethical contract with those who have served to no only keep the GI Bill, but to improve public-private partnerships designed to match veterans’ skills with the career options they wish to make.

Family support, counseling and also other tools for helping veterans address their unique difficulties are essential. Homelessness, problem abuse, and yes, suicide room all-too frequent amongst veterans as they re-enter civilian life – and our obligation to assistance those who have actually served does not finish when they sign their discharge papers.

ImmigrationPractical Reform. No Walls. Assimilation.New Mexicans recognize immigration. Long prior to immigration -- and also immigrants themselves -- became pawns in a substantial political game, we had actually learned to share a border through Mexico, welcome those who want to come right here to work and also make far better lives for your families, and also appreciate the incredible contributions they make.

Having served as branch of new Mexico, Gary Johnson knows the complex issues associated with immigration reform an initial hand. Solving immigration difficulties is not as straightforward as structure a wall surface or militarizing our border with Mexico.

And separating parents from their children, and also putting those children in detention centers is most absolutely not a equipment to anything.

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Politicians who have actually for too long played ~ above fear and demonized immigrants have rendered congress incapable of common sense reforms. A straightforward device that permits immigrants to achieve work visas and also move ago and forth across the border properly will go a very long way toward reducing illegal entry and permit the government to focus resources on really criminals and those who would carry out us harm.