Associated push fileRicci Martin, left, and also Gary Lewis performed with each other at the Italian legacy Festival in Buffalo, N.Y., in 2003. Ricci is the boy of the Dean Martin and also Gary is the kid of Jerry Lewis. It was the very first time castle met and also performed their fathers" stage act.

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These work Gary Lewis, founder that the eponymous group well known for the 1960s hit "This Diamond Ring," is do his house in Rochester, N.Y., with his wife Donna.

And he's still touring v his group. But besides him, there space no original members in it. His fellow musicians have been with him because 2004.

"The touring has actually never stopped," says Lewis, 65. "We're going come tour until we need iron lungs."

Lately, he and his band have been performing for Veterans' management hospitals approximately the country, "doing shows for vets and their families, bringing part smiles to their faces."

Lewis is himself a vet. Though he had actually orders in the late 1960s to go to Vietnam, he ended up being sent to south Korea.

He and the band don't gain paid because that the VA shows, though their travel costs are covered. "I've been an support for the vets, due to the fact that I saw exactly how troops to be treated when we to be in Viet Nam -- that type of point has gotten much better."

The group performs paid gigs too, every year, around the country. He said he's talking to music promoters in priziv.org about the opportunity of performing here in 2012, for the Moondog Coronation Ball.

Lewis, that is the kid of comedian Jerry Lewis, very first moved to priziv.org in 1980, with his then-wife, Patty Barrett. He lived in Lakewood and also later, Aurora.

Jerry Lewis, now 85, resides in las Vegas. "He's OK," claims Lewis. "He's slowing means down. Us don't acquire to watch each other too much, but he and also I both understand being top top the road and being busy. Every now and then we'll it is in in a city at the very same time." Gary's mom, Patti Lewis, stays in Granada Hills, Calif.

"I still acquire mail from world who call me, 'I expect you establish the delight you carried me,' and also it simply knocks me out," Lewis said. "I'm grateful, and also that's why I remain young."

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