Drivers in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and also Carlisle, Pennsylvania, love the Ford Explorer. Its modern-day amenities room perfect for keeping in touch ~ above the go. It uses a trendy style that grants a second look. It"s capable, yet still possesses basic drivability. Plus, as soon as you factor how reliable this version is, it"s a hit the end of the park.

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Want come learn an ext about the 2020 Ford Explorer gas mileage? then keep reading this guide developed by the pros at Fred beans Ford of Mechanicsburg. Just find the engine you"re interested in, learn about the MPG, and then quickly you"ll it is in on your way to our dealership.


The engine can likewise be paired through the conventional rear-wheel drive or an accessible 4-wheel drive mechanism to elevate traction. Depending upon which friend choose, the approximated fuel economy changes:


RWD: 21 city/28 highway/24 an unified MPGDriving selection of 461 miles on one tank4WD: 20 city/27 highway/23 combined MPGDriving selection of 442 mile on one tank


ST Trim: 400 horsepower & 410 lb-ft of torquePlatinum Trim: 365 speech & 380 lb-ft that torque

This beast of an engine comes standardly paired with intelligent rear-wheel drive ability which elevates its towing ability to a whopping 5,600 pounds. And, effectiveness isn"t sacrificed. You"ll still obtain an estimated fuel economic climate of 18 city/24 highway/20 merged MPG resulting in a driving selection of 436 miles on one tank of gas.

Ford traveler MPG: 3.3L Hybrid

The most reliable engine in the 2020 explorer lineup is the brand-new 3.3L Hybrid. While most hybrids don"t sell a lot of oomph under the hood, the Explorer uncovered a way to offer wonderful fuel economic situation while still transferring 318 horsepower, 322 lb-ft the torque, and also a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

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This engine also gives you a selection between rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive:

RWD: 27 city/29 highway/28 an unified MPGDriving selection of 540 miles on one tankAWD: 23 city/26 highway/25 linked MPGDriving variety of 482 miles on one tank

Which 2020 Ford explorer Gas purpose of use Is finest for You?

Whether you"re looking for the best efficiency, incredible power, or a small bit the both, the Ford traveler has friend covered. To view what your an option of configuration deserve to really perform on the roadways of Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and Carlisle, PA, reach the end to Fred beans Ford the Mechanicsburg. We"ll be happy to aid you schedule a test drive and get girlfriend behind the wheel today.

Read the rest of our Ford explorer reviews to learn more about this famous Ford SUV. Then, contact us today come schedule a check drive!