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• A picture shows real gas price from might 7, 2012, throughout the Obama-Biden administration.

• The $5.49 every gallon price the gas appears to have actually been cherry-picked from a spike in the price that gas in summer 2012.

People room sharing a viral photo on social media that shows gas prices at an ext than $5 every gallon to imply that president Barack Obama and Vice president Joe Biden to be responsible for the remarkable high prices throughout their time in the White House.

One Facebook write-up includes picture of one Exxon sign that list the per-gallon prices for various species of gas: continual at $5.49, plus in ~ $5.59 and supreme at $5.79. 

"Just a reminder of what things looked prefer the last time Biden was in the White House," the text added to the bottom that the picture reads.

The short article was flagged as component of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation top top its News Feed. (Read much more about ours partnership through Facebook.)

A reverse image search revealed the the picture is real. 

priziv.org found the photo on two stock picture websites: Alamy and also Shutterstock. 

"WASHINGTON, DC, USA - $5 gas price sign at Exxon organization station on may 7, 2012, near Watergate complex at intersection of Virginia Ave NW and also Rock Creek Parkway NW," the caption detailed with the Alamy picture reads.

At that point, Obama and Biden had been in the White House around three years. However the picture is from spring 2012, a period when gas prices spiked.

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The prices presented in the photograph were also $1.70-plus much more than the weekly sleeve price because that a gallon that gas on typical in the U.S., which to be $3.79 on might 7, 2012.