We don"t recommend basing vast and declare conclusions on two seemingly cherry-picked photos showing gas prices.

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Published17 august 2021

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A on facebook meme accurately to represent the difference in gas prices under U.S. Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden, through Biden"s presidency and also policies gift the reason why price were greater in mid-2021.

On Aug. 13, 2021, a brand-new Facebook meme appeared to to compare gasoline prices under U.S. Presidents Trump and Biden. The article was virally common well end 66,000 time in just four days.

The viral meme.

In reality, this to compare was highly misleading.

The picture on the left side of the gas prices meme, labeling “Trump,” reflects a price range from $1.22 come $1.72. We found the initial photograph. The caption said the the photo was handled April 20, 2020, in Plano, Texas. Trump to be then in the final year the his presidency. Follow to the connected Press, the price at the Plano pump was much less than the national typical at the time, i beg your pardon was approximately $1.78 every gallon.

The photograph on the ideal side that the meme, labeled “Biden,” likely shows high gas prices in a large city such together Los Angeles. It was likely was shoot in 2021. We were can not to uncover a source for the picture.

A compare of 2 seemingly cherry-picked images of gas prices that were most likely from various states could lead to viral shares and also perhaps some personal political validation. However, in the end, it makes very tiny sense.

On April 21, 2020, the work after the photo on the left half of the meme to be shot in Plano, Texas, reflecting gas prices in between $1.22 and $1.72, The connected Press released that a barrel the oil cost “less than a cheap party of wine.” The factor for this to be simple: The need for oil had actually dropped drastically due to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the united States. The reporting also mentioned that pumps were “still running” and “extracting oil indigenous the ground,” and also “all the oil has to go somewhere.” This continual flow of supply drove under gas prices.

On might 26, 2021, The linked Press report again ~ above gas costs, explaining why prices to be so much greater than the year before. The story partially focused on the colonial Pipeline cyberattack, explained as “a cyberextortion attempt on a crucial U.S. Pipeline that carries fuel indigenous the Gulf coastline to the Northeast.”

Biden’s policies aren’t behind the price increases. Gas prices space up because of a rapid and unexpected bounce-back in demand, and also because that lingering troubles from the forced shutdown at an early stage this month the the early american Pipeline, which gives 45% of the fuel spend on the east Coast.

Gasoline price didn’t loss due to the fact that of the trump administration, together Trump often claims; castle plunged because of the coronavirus forcing human being to abandon their offices, schools, organization trips, and also vacations. Underscoring the connection to the pandemic shutdown, U.S. Gas prices were at your lowest in April 2020 when people were staying home most however have largely risen because then, follow to U.S. Power Information Administration, even when Trump was still in office.

In July 2021, the typical gas price in Los Angeles County and other bordering counties in California to be $4.15, fine under the cost of $5.59 viewed in the meme. Further, as of July 25, the mean national gas price was $3.22 per gallon, a far cry indigenous $5.59.

In sum, though it’s true that median gasoline prices nationwide were considerably lower in ~ one specific point during the Trump management than they to be in July 2021 under Biden, the Trump/Biden meme no provide specific snapshot the what those nationwide averages actually looked favor at each suggest in time. Moreover, the ups and downs of gasoline prices aren’t necessarily a role of a offered administration’s policies.

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We’ve seen various other gas price memes and also claims before. In December 2020, we looked in ~ a grossly misleading write-up that check to insurance claim that one gas station close to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to be representative the the average price of fuel nationwide. We also previously report the truth on claims of energy independence, finding that fossil fuel exports began to decline in 2020, before Biden took office. Additionally, we published a story about Facebook commenters being fooled by a picture of a solitary expensive California gas terminal that’s well known for jacking increase prices.