through the goal of improving the lives of countless Indian people, we occupational in teamwork with the Indian government and other partner on assorted issues, from health care and sanitation to gender equality, agricultural development, and also financial empowerment of the most vulnerable populations.

A mother and child at a vaccination appointment at an Anganwadi center in Madhya Pradesh.
India is investing considerably in health and development, v the score of help millions of civilization participate in the country’s development opportunities and lift themselves the end of poverty. we align every one of our initiatives with the objectives of the Indian government, including the country’s ambitious targets under the United countries Sustainable breakthrough Goals (SDGs). In addition to working through the central and state governments, we companion with community groups, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, the personal sector, and advancement organizations. Our locations of focus in health treatment include maternal and newborn health, nutrition, family planning, and also the control of transmittable diseases such together tuberculosis, lymphatic filariasis, and also visceral leishmaniasis. We think that spurring creation is vital to solving these and also other persistent health and wellness challenges. We work with partner to assist develop innovative remedies that improve the quality and coverage of solutions in priority states, specifically Bihar and also Uttar Pradesh. We also work in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and also Maharashtra, wherein we support programs in sanitation, farming development, sex equality, and also digital gaue won inclusion.
More than two years ago, once Bill Gates and also Melinda French gateways were both working at Microsoft, castle came across a newspaper article about a highly transmittable diarrhea-causing virus referred to as rotavirus that was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of youngsters each year in low-income countries. Castle wondered: How might they have not known around this disastrous disease?

In higher-income countries, rotavirus is conveniently treated, and also a vaccine is available. Stirred by this pistol inequity in accessibility to health care, Bill and also Melinda resolved to devote themselves come addressing such issues, top them to create their foundation.

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The foundation began working in India in 2003 through the launch of Avahan, an HIVprevention regimen that is estimated to have actually prevented 600,000 new infections.We likewise joined with other partners to assistance the Indian government ineliminating polio. This coordinated effort, which associated mobilizing 2.3 million volunteer vaccinators to reach 170 million kids with repetitive doses of oral polio vaccine, brought about India being claimed polio-free in 2014.

Our initiatives in India focus on vital issues the will affect the future of India’s mostvulnerable communities: reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child wellness andnutrition; sanitation; agricultural development; sex equality, and digital gaue won inclusion. We have invested more in India 보다 in any other nation besides the joined States.

In teamwork with India’s main and state governments and with a particular focus top top Bihar and also Uttar Pradesh, we occupational to develop innovative remedies that enhance the quality and coverage of an essential services. Our data-driven approach allows us to recognize what works and also what doesn’t and also to adjust our strategy and also approach accordingly.

A health assistant gives polio drops to a child during a house-to-house campaign. We have actually a Memorandum of cooperation (MoC) through India"s ministry of Health and also Family Welfare under i beg your pardon we provide technical, management, and also program architecture support for an essential health initiatives. Under the MoC, the foundation supports the ministry"s occupational to improve wellness outcomes, such as by to reduce maternal and child mortality, improving nutrition services, and increasing immunization coverage. Collaborative initiatives are being made come increase access to household planning measures among younger women and also reduce the load of particular infectious diseases, such together tuberculosis, visceral leishmaniasis, and lymphatic filariasis. The foundation also supports the government’s initiatives to strengthen it is provided chains and the administration of human resources because that health.

In working to improve problems for India’s most breakable people, we emphasis our invest in two claims in particular: Bihar and also Uttar Pradesh. With a combined population of more than 300 million and also a high load of disease, these states have disproportionate demands that their federal governments are working with partners to address.

We occupational to improve accessibility to quality, affordable health treatment in India, through a specific focus on maternal and also child health, immunization, family planning, nutrition, and also neglected tropical conditions (including tuberculosis, lymphatic filariasis, and visceral leishmaniasis). We invest in innovative technologies and support the central and state governments in strengthening health and wellness systems.

We job-related towards realizing the country’s vision of gaue won inclusion through expanding accessibility to digital gaue won services and products and improving outreach and also efficiency so every Indians have actually an possibility to participate in the formal financial sector.

India cannot address its load of an illness until access to for sure sanitation is available to all. We work-related with the public and private sectors and across communities to occupational toward India’s objectives of being open up defecation free, enhancing fecal sludge management, and ensuring accessibility to safe and also sustainable sanitation solutions, particularly for the urban poor and also women.

Agricultural development

We work to support and empower smallholder farmers across India—particularly women—so they have the right to increase your incomes and also enhance your livelihoods by boosting their productivity and also gain access to nutritious food for their families and communities.

We emphasis on women’s economic empowerment together a method to increase women"s access to income and assets, broaden their economic opportunities, and improve their quality of life.

Frequently request questions

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how does the bill & Melinda Gates structure operate in India?

We operate in India together a branch office that a international organization, through the Permission of the Reserve bank of India (RBI) under the foreign Exchange monitoring Act (FEMA) that 2017. Us comply with auditing and also disclosure procedures mandated by the government of India and also the U.S. Government, and also our taxes returns and consolidated financial statements are obtainable on ours websitehere.

Our structure is a charitable trust under the regulations of the State that Washington, USA, and also a tax-exempt private structure as defined in part 501(c)(3) and 509(a) that the U.S. Inner Revenue Code.

Our structure is a charitable to trust under the laws of the State the Washington, USA, and also a tax-exempt private structure as described in part 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

We disburse every grants directly from our key office in Seattle, Washington. As a U.S.-based organization, we room not subject to India’s foreign Contribution Regulation plot (FCRA) the 2010, which is applied by the to adjust of home Affairs; however, we check that ours Indian grantees" FCRA registration is still active and they have actually the designated FCRA bank account prior to we release any payments to them.

We list every one of our committed grants on our website here.

Our branch office in India operates with the permission that the Reserve bank of India (RBI) under the foreign Exchange monitoring Act (FEMA) the 2017. This branch office does no disburse sponsor on instead of of the foundation, no one does it obtain grants indigenous the foundation’s Seattle office. The approval it has actually under FEMA enables it to bring foreign exchange into India to meet its direct operating expenses.

Our structure complies with all auditing and also disclosure steps mandated by the government of India and the U.S. Government, and also our tax returns and also consolidated gaue won statements are obtainable on our website here.

Indian NGOs the receive foreign funds from our structure are regulation by the to adjust of home Affairs under the foreign Contribution Regulation plot (FCRA) the 2010. Prior to we disburse funds to Indian grantees from ours Seattle office, we check that they have the crucial FCRA approvals.We confirm that ours Indian grantees" FCRA registration is still energetic and they have actually the designated FCRA financial institution account prior to we release any payments to them.

Our branch office in India does no receive any type of foreign contributions that room subject to FCRA.

Because our structure is a U.S.-based organization and also not an Indian approve recipient, we space not topic to the FCRA.

All the our work in India is aligned through the government’s missions for boosting the lives of that people, and we work very closely with India’s main and state governments. Our various other partners in this work include ar groups, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, the exclusive sector, and development organizations. Our core work spans five sectors:

health Sanitation Agricultural advancement Gender equality Financial solutions for the poor

With a certain focus top top Bihar and also Uttar Pradesh, we fund the advancement of sustainable, high-impact solutions that improve the quality and also coverage of vital services. We also work in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and also Maharashtra to support programs in sanitation, agricultural development, and digital gaue won inclusion.

Our job-related in India started in 2003 through the beginning of an HIV prevention initiative dubbed Avahan. We have due to the fact that expanded our initiatives to encompass other crucial health and advancement issues, including maternal and child health, nutrition, vaccines and also immunization, family members planning, financial solutions for the poor, sanitation, and also communicable diseases.

All of our occupational in India support the priorities of the main government and the federal governments of the states we work-related in. We offer them our expertise, an international experience, and network of tandem to support the advancement and dissemination of relevant, high-impact solutions. We additionally work closely with a range of private and public companion organizations across India come strengthen health and wellness systems.

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Our office in Delhi supports our job-related with India’s central and state governments, non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, academic institutions, the private sector, and advance organizations to attain our common goals.

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