While over there are plenty of stories associated to the wall surfaces of Jerusalem, that is the story that its gateways which holds one-of-a-kind significance. Although the entrances in biblical times to be in a slightly different location, the present gates which offer passage into the four quarters the the city are component of wall surfaces which were built in the early on 16th century by Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Currently, there are seven open up gates and four sealed gates. The open gateways still offer residents and also visitors streaming come Jerusalem’s markets, and also entry to sacred and historic sites.

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Located ~ above the north wall, Damascus gate is taken into consideration by many to be the busiest and also most impressive of all Jerusalem’s gates. Built in 1537, the gate consists of one huge center entrance initially intended for use by persons of high station, and also two smaller side gateways for commoners.


Because Jaffa Gate additionally faces Hebron, where Abraham is buried, Arabs speak to it Bab el-Khalil or Hebron Gate, definition “The lover of God.” This gate, top top the western side of the Old City, marked the finish of the highway top from the Jaffa coast and also now leads into the Muslim and also Armenian quarters. It additionally offers easy access to the Tower the David Citadel Museum and also a to walk on the ramparts. The gate was gotten rid of in 1898 at the inquiry of Kaiser Wilhelm II, prior to his visit come Jerusalem. The footrest authorities i agreeed to honor the inquiry so the German Emperor would not need to dismount his horse, nor bow his head, to get in the city.

Jaffa Gate


While its surname bears the of the well known Judean king, this gate has no connection with Herod. It to be once believed to have actually led come a framework mistakenly identified as Herod’s Palace. Developed in 1875, it provides accessibility to the Muslim quarter and also to the Old City markets, hence its alternate name, flower Gate.

Herod’s Gate


Leading right into the Christian quarter, the brand-new Gate to be not component of the initial 16th century walls; in fact, it was constructed fairly recently—in 1887. The new Gate was constructed with permission of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and is located near the northwest edge of the city.

New Gate


Located in the south, Zion gate was among the main gateways used by the Israel Defense forces in 1967 come enter and also capture the Old City. The stones neighboring the gate still be affected by each other the pockmarks of tools fired. This entrance leader to the Jewish and Armenian quarters.

Zion Gate


This unexplained name is obtained from a gate that was located along the south wall in the moment of Nehemiah (Nehemiah 2:13). The gate got its name because, starting in the second century, refuse to be hauled the end of the city through this exit. Built in 1538, the Dung door is closest in proximity come the holy place Mount.

Dung Gate


Located in the eastern wall, this entrance, constructed in 1538, leader to the Via Dolorosa. Flanking each side of the gate are stone reliefs of 2 lions. Legend says Sultan Suleiman put the numbers there since he believed that if the did not construct a wall around Jerusalem he would be killed by lions. Israeli paratroopers from the 55th Paratroop Brigade, famously stormed through this gate throughout the Six-Day battle to conquer the holy place Mount, after which they unfurled the Israeli flag above the Old City.

Lions’ (St. Stephen’s) Gate


Sealed Gates


Among the earliest of the gates, the golden Gate (or the Mercy Gate) deals with the mountain of Olives on the east side that the Old City. This door was constructed in the post-Byzantine period. According to Jewish tradition, the Messiah will enter Jerusalem v this gate. To protect against this, the Muslims sealed the gate during the dominance of Suleiman.


The Hulda entrances are two sets that now-blocked gateways in the southern wall surface of the temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Triple Gate – Dating ago to Herodian times, the three arcs of this door are located in the south wall surface and room sealed shut.Double Gate – This enntrance gate to the south wall is likewise sealed shut and dates ago to Herodian times.

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Constructed prior to the Ottoman duration along the southerly wall, the now sealed gate resulted in the secret area that the holy place Mount known as Solomon’s Stables.