Finally, after part confusion critical week, Tuesday night is the debut that the new “dance duel” twist. The bottom 2 couples have to dance at the same time for their resides in former of the judges on results night; then, the judges choose the unlucky couple to get the boot.

The factor for this new rule (which sound suspiciously choose something on “American Idol”)? Because, describe the judges, it will certainly stop an excellent dancers native going residence too early due to the fact that viewers just aren’t that right into them, lie last season’s Kristin Cavallari and also Chynna Phillips.

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Anyway, v the rule spelled out and a (literal) line attracted on the run floor, the last two space revealed: actor Jaleel White/Kym Johnson, and also singer Gavin DeGraw/Karina Smirnoff.

Gavin look at decidedly un-shocked come be associated — ~ all, the judges couldn’t stop laughing ~ his sham the a samba Monday night. Jaleel says he’s determined to stay, and also belts out a line from “Dreamgirls” tune “And i Am telling You I’m not Going.” (“If it were a singing competition, it can help!” Tom Bergeron helpfully adds.)

Anyway, the show goes break-up screen, i beg your pardon is confusing, particularly when both couples space performing your cha cha in the very same spot. So plenty of shiny objects moving approximately at once.

But the judges have actually seen sufficient to recognize what lock want: lock politely worship Gavin top top his “energy” and also “improvement,” however we know what the means: Gavin’s gone. That a unanimous vote.

So, the an initial edition the the dance duel was quite anti-climactic. But there space a couple of weeks left the the twist, so we’ll see. Meanwhile, other highlights:

* “DWTS” is fighting the out v NBC to sing competition “The Voice” top top Monday and also Tuesday nights, and we witnessed an epos mini-battle ~ above Tuesday. If Disney popular music star Selena Gomez is performing on “DWTS,” at virtually the very same moment, “The Voice” has pulled the end all the stops over on NBC: None various other than Selena’s boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

The Biebs appears to announcement his album release day (June 19), and debut a an international premiere that his brand-new video...clip! Yes, that’s appropriate — a clip. Yet even a few seconds of the Biebs whispering in some lucky lady’s ear is sufficient for “The Voice” group to walk crazy. Together a parting shot, Carson Daly announces the Bieber will come earlier to perform for the very first time in 3 weeks, which just so wake up to it is in “The Voice” finale. An excellent luck competing with that, “DWTS!”

* Carrie Ann complained about the mini-makeout session in the center of Maria Menounos and Derek’s samba last night, yet she got hers. Chosen for the encore dance, Derek made sure to avoid mid-performance to operation over come the judge’s table to provide Carrie Ann a large kiss. She did no look unhappy.

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* Train hit the phase to do its brand-new single, proving the dancers can keep with Pat Monahan’s super-fast lyrics. Us take this possibility to allude out a truly stellar line native a song on their new CD, as noted in numerous reviews today: “I quit believing, although journey told me, ‘Don’t.’” well played, Train. Well played.

* Finally, Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke Charvet tell united state that following week is Motown Week. Not only will the contestants run to Motown songs, yet the initial bands will be ~ above hand to execute the tunes, including Smokey Robinson and the Temptations.