My name is Hannah. I"m native Arizona in the US.

I to be Ryan Haywood"s PA at RTX this last year! If you have any type of questions about that, don"t hesitate to ask!

This is whereby you have the right to look in ~ my face and also shit.

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Some Overwatch comp v the brand-new fiance 💜 Come to speak hello as we try to rise the frick frack outta silver!


Bevs and Jackbox?? What’s a far better combination? NOTHING, i SAY!

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12 hour currently happening now! Playing part Jackbox, come to speak hello and play with us!

The Galaxy farm is back! some chill Stardew walk on today :) Come say hello!


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Incoming official RTX 2017 post!!

So it’s quite literally been about a year since I’ve to be on here, which is honestly really appalling. I never ever actually made an RTX write-up last year just due to the fact that I’m a lazy asshole, yet here we go!

RTX continues to get far better and far better every year and also this year to be no exception.

Two years back I made this article explaining a story around a fan that Ryan talked to and helped with a panic strike after a panel. Not just did that fan come ago last year together a Guardian, they were here this year as well and I got to reconnect with them! His girlfriend, also a Guardian, came approximately me on Thursday before RTX this year and also asked if they can talk to me turn off to the side. Castle proceeded come tell me around how after the RTX he had asked she to it is in his girlfriend and also she claimed yes and that RTX 2015 had made a vast impact on them They additionally said that a vast reason they decided to come earlier in 2016 and also 2017 together Guardians was because of the Guardians that aided them in 2015, including myself. I might never have actually thought that simply by volunteering at a convention because that 3 days the end of the year I could have such a substantial impact ~ above people’s lives, and also honestly i was therefore humbled and also honored to it is in involved.

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And, on optimal of that, lock got engaged this year in ~ RTX!!! how freaking cool is that???

Anyway, Ryan was together awesome this year as he’s to be the past 2, and he’s one absolute joy to PA for. He’s genuinely among the kindest people and also cares greatly around his fans. 10/10, would PA for again!

Also, shout the end to
themaddymonster, and
rafnaps for being delights to job-related with. Additionally everyone rather in those pictures however I don’t have their urls.