Dramas, comedies, award-winners — there"s a little bit of whatever on this list of the ideal LGBT movie on Netflix!

Although LGBT cinema used to it is in a really tough thing to produce due to social stigmas, times have actually changed. Now, LGBT films win call awards, get significant theatrical distribution, and also attract A-list stars. V that in mind, you can be wondering what the finest LGBT movie on Netflix are, and also we’ve gained you covered!

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Below, you’ll uncover our roundup that the ten finest LGBT movie on Netflix the are easily accessible to stream ideal now. We tried to keep things differed — there are comedies, documentaries, dramas, thrillers, and an ext included in our list. Essentially, yes sir something here for everyone!

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Editor’s note: us will upgrade our perform of the best LGBT movie on Netflix regularly as the service rotates that movie library.

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Starting off this perform is The boys In The Band. This 2020 Netflix initial movie is based on the standard 1969 Tony Award-winning play. Seven males gather at a brand-new York City apartment come celebrate the birthdate of one of their own. Many of the guys are gay, yet some are still closeted, and the gathering quickly turns significant as they play a “party game” that shows some that the men’s true feelings towards each other. The actors includes Jim Parsons,Zachary Quinto,Matt Bomer, and Andrew Rannells.

This documentary centers ~ above the legendary drag queen Divine, aka Harris glenn Milstead. He became a favorite of film director man Hughes, who cast him in a number of his movies, consisting of the standard Hairspray. The documentary goes right into the life that Divine, and also how he helped make drag queens into mainstream entertainers.

This 2015 duration drama additionally swept some major awards after its release, including an Academy award for finest Supporting Actress because that Alicia Vikander. The Danish Girl did additionally receive some an unfavorable press because that its very loose interpretation of historical events, but it’s still one of the best LGBT movie on Netflix appropriate now.

In the film, Eddie Redmayne portrays Einar Wegener, a Danish painter married to an additional painter, Gerda Wegener (Vikander). One day, Gerda asks she husband to stand in because that a female design she to be planning top top painting. Einar costume in women’s garments for the pose and also finds the it awakens in that his suppressed sex identity as a woman. However, it being the 1920s hinders Einar — now going by Lili — to live the method she wants.

As declared earlier, the movie is based upon a true story but plays very loose with history. Still, the film is well-directed and also beautifully plot by that is leads and worth checking out.

On this perform of LGBT movie on Netflix,Disclosure: Trans stays on screen is the many recent, debuting in June 2020. However, the documentary film led to a emotion at the Sundance movie Festival in January with Netflix picking it up as an exclusive shortly afterward.

The documentary’s title gives away specifically what it’s about. It examines the history of Hollywood’s depiction of trans people in films and also television with an individual stories from influential trans actors and also personalities. The film’s overarching theme is exactly how trans representation on movie matters, together those performances have actually an impact on how American society perceives trans world overall.

Some the the actors and performers who add toDisclosure space Laverne Cox (prominent cast member of Orange is the new Black), Chaz Bono (son the Sonny Bono and also Cher), and Lilly Wachowski (co-director that The Matrix), among many others.

Disclosure: Trans resides on Screen is not only one of the best LGBT movie on Netflix, however it’s likewise one of the many important. Don’t miss out on it!

The 2018 comedy-drama movie Duck Butter asks an interesting question: is it feasible to cram months of relationship structure into one 24-hour period? That’s precisely what the 2 women in Duck Butter try to find out.

After meeting at a club, Naima and also Sergio conveniently hook up. They decision to spend the next 24 hours having sex top top the hour every hour and also then comment on their lives, traumas, baggage, and also other intimate details in in between each bout in the bedroom. The theory is that, in ~ the finish of the day, lock will have actually grown closer in 24 hrs than most world do in months.

You’ll need to watch the film to uncover out exactly how it all unfolds, but there’s many of funny cases — and some painful people — that occur along the way. It may not be for everyone, however this is one of the finest LGBT movies on Netflix appropriate now.

This 2019 Spanish biographical drama film tells the story the the first recorded same-sex marriage in Spain. Real-life females Elisa Sánchez Loriga and also Marcela Gracia Ibeas posed as a heterosexual pair in order come marry in ~ a church in 1901.

Shot in black-and-white, Elisa & Marcela is a beautiful and lush film that completely centers ~ above its two lead actresses. Command by a woman, the film doesn’t get trapped in too countless of the “male gaze” clichés friend often find in lesbian relationships portrayed on screen.

Unfortunately, the movie does exhibit some filmmaking clichés, coming to be a little cringeworthy at a couple of points. However, the is still one of the finest LGBT movie on Netflix and worth a watch!

On Netflix, this 2018 film is titled I to be Jonas. However, its initial title was Boys which to be then adjusted to just Jonas. Whatever you want to speak to it, I to be Jonas is a fantastic film, and one of the best LGBT movies on Netflix appropriate now.

The film jumps in between two various time durations in lead character Jonas’ life: in 1997 when he is 15 year old and first experiencing love v a poor boy in ~ school, and also 18 years later when the is in his thirties and also unable come escape the failure of his past.

Although the film itself is good, that elevated by a brilliant power from Tommy-Lee Baïk, who portrays the bad boy through whom Jonas is immediately smitten. As charming as he is scary, it’s difficult to take your eyes off him as the plot unfolds.

Netflix has a most teen romantic comedies, but this 2020 entry stands the end from the rest. It centers ~ above a teenage girl called Ellie who tries to aid her male friend court a famous girl in school. However, things get exciting when Ellie realizes she in reality likes this renowned girl together well. The shows just how innocent teenage love can go in an extremely different directions. It’s among the best LGBT movie on Netflix.

Heads up: the movie The Perfection is just one of the best LGBT movie on Netflix appropriate now, but it’s likewise the craziest. The movie defies categorization. Is that a horror film? A thriller? A romance? A revenge film? that probably all of that blended together right into one absolutely insane movie.

The much less you know around The Perfection walk in, the better, yet we’ll offer you a rapid synopsis. Charlotte is a young cellist who is compelled to leave a prestigious music school to care for she sick mother. After her mother’s death, she returns to the college to aid the teachers select a new student. While there, she meets the mrs who replaced her as soon as she left, one more cellist called Lizzie.

That’s where we’re going to stop due to the fact that what happens after the is just…nuts. This movie has more unexpected plot twists than you might have the ability to handle, for this reason head in without any type of expectations and just shot to enjoy the ride.

This movie speak the true story of Queen Kristina the Sweden, who became the leader that her nation at the period of 6 in 1632. In addition to leading her nation at together a young age, Queen Kristina start to fall in love v a woman as she gets older. The a watch at exactly how LGBT relationships were handled by a highly conservative nation.

Honorable Mentions

Here space a couple of more movies the didn’t make our list of the ideal LGBT movies on Netflix.

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That’s every we’ve obtained for the finest LGBT movie on Netflix! Be sure to bookmark this page and also check earlier often as we will upgrade it with new titles as they end up being available.