Broadcast reporter Gayle King, who performed a landmark 2019 interview v R. Kelly that illuminated sexual assault allegations brought against him, recently mutual her think on the result of the singer’s September sex trafficking trial.

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In an interview released Tuesday through Bustle, King dubbed the guilty verdict in the brand-new York attempt “justice” and also expressed support for victims of the R&B musician. Kelly to be convicted Sept. 27 the racketeering and also sex trafficking after dodging countless allegations of sex-related impropriety and also abuse because that decades.

“The judge said some the the proof was for this reason disgusting and despicable the they wouldn’t even enable it to be play in court,” King said. “Let’s just say component of the evidence connected feces. Let’s simply say that. It was so stomach-churning.”

During the weeks-long trial, a number of witnesses comprehensive disturbing account of manipulation, bribery, ephebophilia and also assault, both physical and also sexual.


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R&B star R. Kelly found guilty that racketeering and sex trafficking

A jury of 7 men and five women found Kelly guilty the racketeering on its 2nd day the deliberations.

One witness testified that Kelly intimidated her and another victim into defending him during a 2019 interview v King top top “CBS This Morning.” follow to her testimony, Kelly physically loomed over the collection and coughed together a way of warning the females to stick come his script.

At the time, King likewise interviewed Kelly, that infamously screamed, leaped out of his chair, pounded his chest and also erupted in tears if the veteran news anchor calmly posed questions around the allegations pooling about him.

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“My love aches for because I know exactly how painful this has actually been,” King told Bustle. “To us, this is a news story, yet for them, this is life. And I feeling sorry that for so many women, it take it this long.”

After Brooklyn jurors uncovered Kelly guilty of all nine counts, one of the women who spoke through “CBS This Morning” 2 years ago reunited v King come reflect more candidly ~ above her suffer with the disgraced record artist.



R. Kelly cries and also denies abuse allegations in explosive Gayle King interview

An impassioned R.

“For five years, because I was 17, ns didn’t have any type of relationships with any other women except for the women that he had actually been intimate with,” stated Azriel Clary, who testified versus Kelly during his September trial.

“When ns did that interview v you, ns instantly regretted automatically how ns reacted. ... ‘Why am i acting prefer this? Why am I placing myself through all of this misery? Why am ns exploiting myself because that a male who has actually me in this position in the first place?’ and I really had actually to come to terms and also realize the it no love. Love no hurt, friend know?”

While speaking v Bustle, King reflected generally on the burden of transferring heavy and distressing news coverage come the public, indigenous mass shootings and “vitriol in politics” to “Black males being killed by police.”

“The Gabby Petito story to be difficult. The R. Kelly story was difficult,” she said. “Actually, there room a lot of of complicated moments.”

“I love my job, and sometimes the news is difficult,” she added. “But i’m glad that I get to it is in the one to bring it to you. And also hopefully, we have the right to navigate it and also get with it together.”