Gears 5 is out in simply a couple of short days, however we currently know the full cast of personalities that"ll be appearing in the sequel. In this Gears 5 voice actors guide, we"ll it is in going end the fairly small perform of actors in Microsoft"s game, consisting of some surname you"ll no doubt recognise.

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Gears 5 Voice Cast

In the part of the guide below, we"ll be outlining all the Gears 5 voice actors. There"s many of returning personalities for this sequel, consisting of Marcus Fenix, Kait, Del, and also others.

Laura Bailey together Kait DiazLiam McIntyre together J.D. FenixEugene Byrd as Del WalkerJohn DiMaggio together Marcus FenixRahul Kohli together Fahz ChutaniLinda Hamilton as buy it Connor

Laura Bailey - Kait Diaz

For Gears 5, Kait Diaz takes over from J.D. Fenix together the single player protagonist because that the game. Laura Bailey theatre the leading duty of Kait, and also you"ll understand Bailey indigenous hundreds of gamings or TV series", consisting of Spider-Man together M.J., Uncharted 4 together Nadine Ross, black Widow in the Avengers rally TV series, and also as Amber in RWBY.

Liam McIntyre - J.D. Fenix

While J.D. Fenix to be the playable project protagonist in Gears of battle 4, that plays a supporting character to Kait in Gears 5. Liam McIntyre dram the child of Marcus Fenix, and also you"ll most likely recognise him from one of two people Spartacus, or The Flash.

Eugene Byrd - Del Walker

Returning personality Del pedestrian is earlier from his series debut together Kait and J.D. In Gears of battle 4. Longtime TV actor Eugene Byrd dram Walker, and also his ahead credits include Arrow, Bones, Heroes, True Blood, and also more.

John DiMaggio - Marcus Fenix

Longtime Marcus Fenix actor john DiMaggio returns as soon as again for Gears 5, his fifth appearance together the previous protagonist that the series. A small known truth is DiMaggio additionally played the role of Bender in Futurama because that 14 years. He"s also voiced personalities in American Dad, Lego Star Wars, Adventure Time, and also many more.

Rahul Kohli - Fahz Chutani

Fahz Chutani is a newcomer to the franchise in Gears 5, and he"s play by Rahul Kohli. You could recognise Kohli from iZombie whereby he theatre Ravi Chakrabarti.

Linda Hamilton - sarah Connor

Yes, the is in reality Linda Hamilton you"re listening in Gears 5. As part of a crossover through Terminator: Dark Fate, Hamilton will be reprising her function as sarah Connor because that the sequel. Keep in mind that this is the version of sarah Connor that shows up in the brand-new Terminator: Dark Fate movie, and Connor is only obtainable as a playable personality in Horde, Escape, and also Versus modes.

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