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Let’s state this right upfront for this reason nobody gets into trouble. Gold prospecting and also rockhounding are completely off-limits in ~ Yellowstone nationwide Park. Girlfriend cannot dig or collect all over within the park boundary, and you can get in serious trouble if you do.

With that said, there are fairly a few places simply a short drive away the you have the right to explore. Yellowstone sit at the corners if Idaho, Montana and also Wyoming, and each of these states have actually ample windy land whereby a person have the right to explore. And also there room some good places to discover gold and valuable minerals too.

Virginia City

Virginia City is now a renowned tourist spot. The was once a flourishing gold mining camp located along Alder Gulch in southwest Montana. If you visit now you will view miles and miles that old dredge tailings as you journey up the road. There is even an old dredge quiet in place.

What you view from the roadway is simply a portion of the gold bearing area. These wealthy gold deposits were fed by gold veins in tall mountains of the Beaverhead nationwide Forest. Friend will discover that a lot of the creeks in this area create gold. Friend will should steer clear of energetic mining claims and mines, however an adventurous human being could definitely hike into some remote areas and pan because that gold native the plenty of creeks.



Bannack was as soon as the an initial Territorial capital of Montana. Currently it is a state park and one that the nicest preserved ghost communities in the West. This town has actually some amazing background and is a must-visit for lovers of Old West history.

If girlfriend visit throughout the afternoon hours in the summer, there room tubs collection up where civilization can shot panning because that themselves. Just keep your panning endeavors come the tubs, since prospecting any kind of other areas within the park is prohibited.

Phillipsburg Sapphires

When most people think that gemstones prefer sapphires lock think about exotic locations like Thailand and also Cambodia. Surprisingly, there room some impressive sapphires uncovered in a few locations in Montana! One such ar is the city of Phillipsburg. This one is a bit of a drive, about 3 hrs from Yellowstone.

This is the only opportunity for the general public to dig for sapphires in the US. Number of businesses enable visitors to sift v sapphire-rich gravels from the mines and also search for the small treasures. Sapphires typically range from a clear to a light blue color. Experts will be on hand to study your finds.


Spencer Opals

Head west into Idaho and also visit the Spencer Opal Mines because that a opportunity to carry home some real opals. This opals are distinctive and spectacular. Large high-grade pieces room valued by collectors and also can bring thousands of dollars.

Check v the mine prior to your visit due to seasonal hours.

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Crystal Park

Crystal Park is located in the Pioneer Mountains around 3 hours northwest the Yellowstone. This is a Forest service site that is collection aside for tourists to destruction for quartz crystals. Clear, smoky and purple sports of quartz can be found at this site.

Keep in mind that the dig site is high elevation and access is seasonal. This is a great one to examine out in the summer, yet it could be precious a call to the Forest company office in Dillon simply to make certain it is available before you do the drive.

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Yellowstone river Moss Agates

One of Montana’s most renowned minerals space the lover moss agates that are uncovered in the Yellowstone River. There are countless open and available areas follow me the flow where human being can find for this beautiful stones.

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The best locations are east of Billings. The agates will certainly be scattered transparent the gravels follow me the river, so late in the summer is the ideal time come visit when water levels space low and also gravel bars room exposed.