The second generation the Pokemon presented 100 brand-new creatures for trainers come collect and also battle. This is a huge addition come the initial 151 in the first generation, featuring both all-new species and new evolutions for older Pokemon. Also to this day, Gen 2 is still fondly remembered together the finest Pokemon generation, having actually some the the best-designed members that the franchise.

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through a hundred brand-new party members to select from, it’s natural to feel choose it"s an overwhelming to recognize who’s the an extremely best, however this list has all the answers you’re looking for. We have actually gathered the ideal 30 Gen 2 Pokemon, every one of which girlfriend can find over her playthrough that the miscellaneous Johto games. Each has actually their very own strengths that set them personally from each other, yet every one of them is solid enough to end up being your finest Pokemon in Crystal, Gold, Silver.

Updated April 26, 2021 by Gene Cole: numerous of the finest Gen 2 Pokemon are still just as an effective in Pokemon sword & Shield together they were solid in Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and many have remained all-time favorites amongst many Pokemon fans. If you plan on running through a new or remade Johto game, and wish to only use the the strongest Gen 2 Pokemon you can find, these room absolutely the ideal Johto Pokemon girlfriend can uncover in your playthroughs and Nuzlocke runs.

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The Electric-type Pokemon Ampharos native the Gen 2 anime
It"s very easy to underrate simply how an effective Ampharos is among its fellow solid Gen 2 Pokemon. It"s a remarkable bulky Electric-type compared to nearly every other introduced to the series so far, through the just analogue being Magneton regardless of gaining much more weaknesses v its Steel-type enhancement that come in this new generation.

Ampharos"s single weakness that Ground-type moves makes it remarkably difficult to defeat, and while the doesn"t learn much as well as Electric and also Normal-type moves, it"s still exceptional in how reliable it is. It"s precisely what you want out of one Electric-type, and also is precious picking up as shortly as you escape Violet City.

Crobat indigenous the Pokemon anime fluttering in a forest
Crobat go what couple of people ever before thought might be done, and made Zubat relevant and worth catching. This pests are several of the worst Gen 1 Pokemon because of some negative offensive stats and also a troublesome type combination, yet Crobat gains sufficient Speed and also Attack to it is in worth using as your major Flying and also Poison-type.

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Crobat only gets much better in the remakes, wherein it end up being among the ideal Pokemon in HeartGold & SoulSilver. This is thanks to a ton more moves the Crobat couldn"t find out in the original gamings like X-Scissor and also Cross Poison, i beg your pardon take benefit of that stats much better. Evolving that from Golbat v friendship deserve to be time-consuming, but it"s an extremely much precious the effort.

Two Miltank walking v a romantic field in the Pokemon anime
Jokes about Whitney’s overpowered Miltank aside, this Pokemon is genuinely good in battle on your side as well. Miltank has an excellent defensive stats, and by merely being a Normal-type, it only is only weak come Fighting-types. Having actually a solitary weakness is a great asset and rare come see, and much prefer Ampharos is offers it a how amazing amount the resistance.

In terms of moves, Miltank likewise gets accessibility to good hitters prefer Rollout and Body Slam, which transaction absurd damage and can even reason occasional standing ailments top top foes. If that takes some damage, you can use Milk Drink to cure the wounds there is no needing come waste her healing items, making the a perfect Pokemon to frustrate her opponents.

Sudowoodo posing by a mountain cliff in the Pokemon anime
Sudowoodo is the first of plenty of underrated Gen 2 Pokemon, as you conference one soon after Goldenrod City blocking her path. It can not it seems to be ~ as efficient as various other path-blocking Pokemon like Snorlax, but this Rock-type is actually surprisingly worthwhile once you take into consideration your various other Rock-type options.

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unlike Geodude, girlfriend won"t must trade it for an development to acquire worthwhile stats, and also it packs a far bigger beat than other Rock-types prefer Onix and also Corsola. It"s no the more quickly Pokemon ever, but if you want a Rock-type attacker through some superior physical defense, Sudowoodo will certainly absolutely deliver.

Pokemon Anime Quagsire in the Bushes
Quagsire is the an initial Pokemon most civilization think of once it pertains to Ground and also Water-type combinations, together it"s a an effective grouping that results in Grass-type assaults being its just weakness. This typing has been had in many games and others certainly have much better stats 보다 Quagsire, however this goofy aquatic creature is still very much worth her time for its typing alone.

The initial Gen 2 Quagsire manages to learn Earthquake as at an early stage as Level 35, meaning you can obtain one that the strongest moves in the video game without wasting a TM. That, together making the best of your Water-type HMs choose Surf and Waterfall, offer it a large amount of power that transcend its require for great stats.

lot like Quagsire, Gligar gets its strength from a unique form combination, but being Ground and also Flying-type provides it potentially more power despite having an ext weaknesses. This leader to a substantial amount of Super efficient moves against Rock, Fire, Grass, and also Bug-types v its Same type Attack Bonus moves, however it likewise learns lots of Rock-type moves because that even an ext coverage if girlfriend need.

Gligar it s okay even better in the remakes, where it"s actually feasible to evolve it right into Gliscor if you manage to find a Razor Claw and also are maybe to profession it to an additional player. That said, it absolutely doesn"t need to evolve to it is in good, together its stats go from an excellent to fantastic, and also its type mix grants it a similar amount of power in one of two people form.

obtaining a Hitmontop for your playthrough of Pokemon yellow & silver is definitely a challenge, together it only shows up as a gift Pokemon in the hill near Mahogany Town. That said, if you"re lucky sufficient to gain it and evolve the with the same Attack and also Defense stats, you"ll have a Fighting-type Pokemon unlike any kind of other.

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Its element advantage, besides great stats, space a choice of multi-hit moves like Triple Kick and some Priority moves in the remakes favor Mach Punch and also Bullet Punch. This allows it hit much faster than Tyrogue"s other options like Hitmonchan, and also gives it much more move variety than Hitmonlee, making the the superior alternative for many teams in need of a flexible Fighting-type.

Girafarig is another especially underrated Gen 2 Pokemon, with most people brushing that off as a weak Normal-type there is no an evolution. This is massively incorrect, together its mix of Normal and also Psychic-type give it a wide variety of strong damage moves the are fantastic at every levels of the game, especially because there aren"t too plenty of early Psychic-types in Johto overall.

Girafarig"s type combination also helps it prevent a ton the damage, because its Normal-type conserves it native Ghost-type moves while that Psychic-type saves it indigenous Fighting-type moves. It"s no a common mix compared to Pokemon choose Quagsire, and is another Pokemon that"s worth utilizing for its uniqueness alone.

Magcargo is among the strangest additions to the Pokedex. Its Rock and Fire-type mix lends that to have substantially an ext weaknesses than most other Pokemon in the game, and also even though many players love Fire-types, they have tendency to sleep on Magcargo the end of fear that it"ll faint.

the said, Johto is house to surprisingly couple of trainers that space going to it is in weak to it. Gym Leaders prefer the Steel-type experienced Jasmine, Ice-type experienced Pryce, and also even upstream 4 member Koga will certainly all fall victim to this Fire and also Rock-type combo with small defenses against both types. It"s for sure a silver- bullet of a Pokemon, being poor in some matchups yet invincible in others.

Gyarados had actually a couple of problems in the initial games, together Water-type move were every Special strike moves despite it having a physical attack stat. This to be a shame given how great its Water and Flying-type mix was, however Mantine managed to occupational with this grouping far much better early top top in the series.

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Flying-type assaults aren"t the most powerful since they count on Mantine"s poor physical stats, yet its Water-type moves could excel far more than they might on Gyarados and also it still might be at sight effective against all sorts of Pokemon v moves like Gust and Icy Wind at its disposal. It also has a exceptional Special Defense stat, making the much an ext resistant come heavy-impact Electric-type moves.

simply put, Jumpluff won"t be damaging your opponents. It"s solid a menacing creature, but that doesn"t typical it can"t carry out your team v a ton of utilities, together it"s one of the few Grass-types girlfriend can discover early ~ above that have the right to inflict almost any condition ailment top top your opponents with moves choose Sleep Powder and also Poison Powder.

the can additionally do this with remarkable ease, since its Speed is among the highest possible of any kind of Grass-type in the game when it debuted. This expected you might throw on part Sleep or Paralysis prior to slowly chipping in ~ their health with Mega Drain and Leech Seed for a slow-yet-certain victory.

for context, Sneasel was in reality quite negative in the initial Pokemon yellow & Silver. Dark-type moves didn"t have nearly enough power at the time, and also Sneasel"s stats didn"t loan itself well to either move types, however when it can finally discover physical Dark and Ice-type move in the remakes of Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver, that jumped right right into the greatest tiers that the game.

Now, it can be another silver bullet prefer Magcargo, yet with tons much more Speed come hit Psychic and Flying-type foes with a quick strike the Super efficient damage. Coupled v the addition of the inside Focus capability to no flinch, Sneasel quickly rose indigenous obscurity in the original games to one of the greatest choices for the late-game battles of the Johto region.

Blissey might not look powerful at first, but it’s an excellent Pokemon. Its main assets room high unique defence and also HP. Blissey deserve to tank all sorts of one-of-a-kind attackers and also only has one weakness, the Fighting-type, which currently would cause harm come it over its negative physical defense and hardly renders a distinction to that bulk.

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This provides it a exorbitant wall, particularly against specialized Special Attackers favor Lance"s Dragonites, which each have elemental strikes that don"t typically deal physical damage. With additional healing from moves favor Softboiled, it have the right to be totally indestructible in many matchups.

unlike Blissey, Forretress is resistant against nearly every type of move, making that much far better for many teams. It has nine resistances in complete alongside some an excellent defensive stats, and also with Fire-type moves being its only weakness it"s hard for many foes to defeat it in much less than three hits.

together for damage, Forretress has the ability to set traps favor Spikes or stroked nerves foes with Toxic, chipping far at wellness while you progressively heal it with potions. Once its HP gets low, then you can finish off one unsuspecting adversary with a an excellent old-fashioned Explosion because that a remarkable degree of damages that will certainly take your adversary down ideal with you.

Heracross has actually an amazing strike stat and a unique an insect and Fighting-type combo that functions surprisingly well in most matchups. It learns powerful moves like Megahorn and Earthquake i beg your pardon can quickly one-hit KO many opponents, which likewise can address its delicate matchups against both Psychic and Fire-type Pokemon.

Heracross also has a many HP and okay protective stats do it durable in battle, v the sole exemption of Flying-type moves frequently being able to defeat it in one hit. So lengthy as you"re no up against a Charizard or Skarmory, though, Heracross must be capable of transporting you through virtually the entire Johto region.

The cover legendaries are always strong, yes no way around it. Ho-Oh has great stats, powerful moves and also can wipe out most Pokemon v ease. The Fire/Flying type makes it fragile to Rock-types, but that’s no a major issue. Ho-Oh can also learn Earthquake i m sorry counters said weakness through surprising ease.

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Ho-Oh’s finest move is spiritual Fire i m sorry does damage and additionally has a 50% possibility of inflicting a Burn effect to cause damage each turn and cut your physical attack stat in half. This is among the ideal percentages of any kind of move that have the right to inflict Burn, an interpretation it"ll practically always leave a lasting affect even when knocked out in a single move.

Lugia is the various other legendary that Generation 2, and unless you"d like to not run a team with Legendaries, is a an excellent tool to bring into the elite 4. High HP, Attack, and Defense mean that it will take a little army to knock that out, and also that"s only if your strikes of Psychic and Aeroblast don"t defeat her foes first.

there’s isn’t much else to say, as the famously an effective Lugia is just a well-rounded and excellent Pokemon to usage in battle and will never ever let you down. Few would want to challenge it in battle, and even fewer can hope to defeat it, do it an excellent addition if you regulate to record it on your detour to the Whirl Islands.

Eevee"s evolutions have actually never been underrated together Pokemon choices, but the new ones presented with the Johto an ar are astonishingly stronger than your Kanto counterparts. Espeon is the very first of these, being really fast Psychic-type that matches v overpowered Kanto Psychic-types favor Alakazam and Starmie.

The main difficulty involved with Espeon is evolving it with Friendship, which deserve to take a lengthy time compared to other evolutionary methods. Afterward, though, you"ll have actually one that the strongest Pokemon friend can discover in the game, making that a stellar an option if you have actually some time to invest.

This is a less noticeable entry come the list. Umbreon no a clear powerhouse choose Espeon, but additionally isn"t as moved in stats as Heracross and also the covering legendaries are. Instead it"s a much much more powerful user of standing moves favor Toxic, confused Ray, and also Charm to undermine their offenses and slowly permit them pass out by themselves.

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when you’ve placed some ailments on every among your opponent"s partners, that a simply matter of wait for lock to shed their HP. If this is an annoying strategy, that not impossible to beat, but Umbreon"s high defenses and also unique pure Dark-type body makes it solid enough to easily pull the this unconventional plan.

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Skarmory showcases what makes the Steel form so good. The Steel/Flying mix gives that nine whole resistances, and an equally impressive two complete immunities come Poison and also Ground-type moves. Adding Skarmory’s insanely high defense, and you have actually a an excellent wall for your team that can likewise just hit them with difficult and simple strikes.

alongside the usual HM relocate Fly, throwing Drill Peck and also Steel soup will offer you a an excellent opportunity to deal decent damage while resisting also more. Skarmory have the right to resist few of the much more stronger Pokemon choose Snorlax or Tyranitar, making that a an important team member for an alarmingly high number matchups.

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