What is a female or gender neutral type of gentleman that relays the same tone the respect? (9 answers)
Opening doors, providing to salary the tab, helping with a cloak or a irradiate of the smoke: us may explain these action of a man to it is in gentlemanly.

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In a word, how may we describe these action of any kind of person?


I"d go through courteous, the etymology the which likewise hints in ~ a closer fit to gentlemanly than, say, decorous, polite, or respectful.



I think well-mannered is close to the idea that politeness and great upbringing that gentlemanly suggests:

polite; courteous. (AHD)

of great upbringing

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Gracious defines a kind, considerate woman and can also be applied to a man.

gracious pleasantly kind, benevolent, or courteous.


I prefer deferential, because the plot you room describing (holding the door, providing to pay the tab, etc.) space polite means to put someone else"s demands or desires a little higher than your own.

One dictionary defines the word together "respectful and considerate" – 2 words which seem come encompass dual aspects of gift gentlemanly.

As a footnote, the first word that sprung come mind to be chivalrous, however I figured the wasn"t much much more neutral 보다 gentlemanly, so i struck the from my list rather quickly.


As others have mentioned in prior comments, this is just one of the closest words come gentlemanly, in part because the words space cognate:


Genteel is already an adjective describing a certain sort of behavior, so making use of the -ly suffix to try and make it into such one adjective likening it through something through that characteristic habits like a Gentleman would be redundant, and also besides that, the -ly suffix operates in different ways on nouns 보다 it walk on adjectives. It makes nouns into adjectives, and adjectives into adverbs, therefore while you might describe a human or actions as gentlemanly, friend would only use genteelly to modify the manner in which an activity is done together in "he genteelly hosted the door open."

In order to determine that this word may be applied to females, perform take special note the third an interpretation and the example:

"Graceful in mein or form; elegant; together the lady has actually a genteel person."

Ladies room of course naturally female and opposite the sex of the Gentleman. Unless I to be mistaken, I believe Person in this context, is being offered to average "Positive personality of Office", quite than possessing another person who is genteel.

It is still provided today, albeit really rarely. The obscurity of the word is probably component of why "Gentlemanly" has actually grown so much much more popular, with another factor being gender segregated expectations. Although words itself is no gendered, the expectation of ideal masculine or feminine manners regularly are. The difference is cultural, fairly than lingual, so it would use to virtually any substitute. Nevertheless, anyone exhibiting the proper behavior may be taken into consideration genteel.

It must be detailed that today "Genteel" can have aristocratic connotations together well. Periodically this can have pejorete effect because even by the moment of young name Webster, there was disdain because that the Gentlefolks and I believe that sentiment has actually only grown together egalitarianism came to be an increasingly venerated principle. Thus the indigenous might practically as frequently be offered to an adverse effect, to gibe at what we"d now call (stubborn) "Elitism" together it is genuinely used, at the user"s discretion.

Also, think about Using Gentlemanly Anyway

Since, as I stated before, society expectations differing in between males and females, one more considerable price is Gentlemanly, i m sorry I will presume to it is in a native you already know well. Since the suffix "-ly" only suggests a resemblance or likeness to the point specified, a human only has to be comparable to the point specified. Similarity suggests that some amount the dissimilarity is permitted, due to the fact that otherwise the would rather be dubbed identical. I would virtually wager that couple of people room willing to argue that a Gentleman isn"t identified just together much, if not also much an ext so by his habits than his gender, for this reason omission the the sex detail could have tentative permissibility in some otherwise much more exacting contexts.

This supposition is validated by this actual circumstances of such a usage from web page 100 the The Life and Adventures of boy name Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens (1843):

"It was considered so once," stated Mrs. Todgers, warming it s her in a gentlemanly manner at the fire "but i hardly believed you would have known it, my loves."

Granted, this context might not have been made in reference to the specific same sense of words you mean, due to the fact that she is no doing anybody any type of favors by warming herself even, if she has the air of a gentleman if doing so. Nevertheless, the does walk to present that the word can be supplied to describe to ladies too, as demonstrated by the excerpt"s feminine honorific and pronoun.

Despite that, it may seem strange to imply a mrs is gentlemanly and also if she prides her femininity, she may take offense. Nevertheless, this may be the only way to successfully overcome the usual social expectations that might separate the meant mannerisms the the sexes. Exercise your much better discrimination and make a character judgement prior to doing this.

-ly references Webster"s modification Unabridged Dictionary, (1913).

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Negative Connotations for Genteel have the right to be viewed in The Century Dictionary and also Cyclopedia

Elitism refers to Merriam Webster"s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th execution (©2003, 2007), i beg your pardon still shares its meanings with Merriam-Webster"s online Dictionary.