Hugh Hefner claimed it to be a "romantic, family affair" while invoice Maher tweeted, "Only in Hollywood execute they stop the wedding ceremony come let the helicopter go by."


A&E is calling that the “Royal absent Wedding”: and when KISS bassist Gene Simmons married his girlfriend of 28 years Shannon Tweed Saturday, the couple, v their two children and almost 400 guests, rocked and also rolled all night.

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STORY: Gene Simmons Marries girlfriend of 28 Years, Shannon Tweed

Early Sunday morning, Tweed-Simmons tweeted: “That was the best wedding I’ve ever before been to!! thank you
SophieTSimmons & Nick Simmons!”

Hugh Hefner, that briefly date Tweed-Simmons back in the ‘80s prior to she got together with Simmons, to visit the former playmate’s nuptials v his brand-new girlfriend, Playboy’s miss November 2010 Shera Bechard.

shannonleetweed you were beyond words the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. Give thanks to you for having actually us top top your unique day
hughhefner and I!!!”

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Hefner later tweeted, “The Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed wedding to be a very romantic, family members affair.”

Another wedding guest, Bill Maher, began live tweeting the scene. And also what a scene it was—with the full camera crew in attendance, filming for the upcoming season the A&E’s Gene Simmons: household Jewels.

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“At the Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed wedding – a dog simply walked down the aisle front of the bride so it’s a great start,” Maher tweeted. Later, that said, “Only in Hollywood execute they pause the wedding ceremony to let the helicopter walk by.” He climate couldn’t resist adding in some an individual commentary on the human being officiating the ceremony: “People who execute wedding ceremonies this days talk as well much. Its no YOUR day. If we want a sermon we’d walk to church.”

VIDEO: ‘Gene Simmons family members Jewels’ ends Season Finale through a Surprise

Another person possibly spoiling a few of the details for viewers this season: none other than Gene Simmons family Jewels’ executive producer, Adam Reed.

“ every I have the right to say is wow wow wow… remarkable moment! What a ceremony and also the agree is choose none other…wow,” Reed tweeted. Later on in the night, Reed went back to the twitterverse: “Reception in complete effect…gene singing…sophie singing…nich singing…and SHANNON singing! Party is turn off the hook.”