The actor, who played the title duty in "Willy Wonka and also the cacao Factory," to be 83

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Gene Wilder, who brought a wild-eyed desperation come a series of memorable and iconic comedy roles in the 1970s and 1980s, has actually died, his lawyer, Eric Weissmann, said.

He was 83.

Wilder is finest known because that his collaborations through director Mel Brooks, starring together the stressed-out Leo Bloom in Brooks’ breakout 1967 film “The Producers,” and later in the monster movie spoof “Young Frankenstein.” He also portrayed a boozing gunslinger in “Blazing Saddles.”

For numerous people, Wilder can be finest remembered for “Willy Wonka and also the chocolate Factory,” playing the mysterious liquid tycoon in the 1971 adaptation the Roald Dahl’s book.


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Comedic actor Gene Wilder, seen below as candy tycoon Willy Wonka in the 1971 standard "Willy Wonka & the coco Factory," passed away Monday, respectable 29, in ~ the period of 83.

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Wilder -- at appropriate with Zero Mostel and Lee Meredith -- to be the stressed-out Leo Bloom in Mel Brooks" breakout film, "The Producers" in 1968. He was nominated because that an Academy compensation for best supporting actor.

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Everett arsenal
The 1970 parody "Start the revolution Without Me" starred Wilder and also Donald Sutherland as two sets of similar twins.

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Wilder sits alongside a sheep in Woody Allen"s 1972 film "Everything You always Wanted to Know about Sex* (*But to be Afraid to Ask)."

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Wilder appears in a sketch dubbed "The Office Sharers" throughout an NBC hourlong special dubbed "The Trouble with People" in 1972.
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Wilder, seen right here with Cleavon Little, was earlier with Brooks because that 1974"s "Blazing Saddles." In a statement to ~ above Monday, Brooks dubbed Wilder "one the the truly good talents of our time. ... He blessed every film us did along with his unique magic. And he blessed mine life through his friendship."
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Wilder dram The Fox in 1974"s "The tiny Prince."
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another Brooks-directed film, "Young Frankenstein," came to be one the Wilder"s many famous. Wilder play Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, nephew of the legendary Dr. Victor Frankenstein, in a parody of standard horror movies.
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Wilder in the 1976 movie "Silver Streak."
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Wilder play a rabbi in the 1979 comedy "The Frisco Kid."
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Wilder stars through comedian Richard Pryor in 1980"s "Stir Crazy." The 2 did numerous movies together.
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Wilder rehearses through dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov for a CBS one-of-a-kind in 1981.
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Gilda Radnor stars with Wilder in 1982"s "Hanky Panky." The 2 married in 1984 and also remained together until her death in 1989.
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Wilder poses v actress Kelly LeBrock because that a photo promoting the 1984 film "The mrs in Red." Wilder additionally directed.
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Wilder sit atop a placed moose head in a scene from "Haunted Hollywood," a film he command in 1986.
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Wilder poses because that a portrait in Los Angeles in 1987.
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Wilder and also Pryor were back at the again with "See No Evil, listen No Evil" in 1989. Wilder played a deaf man who is finest friends with Pryor"s blind character.
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Duffy movies
Wilder dram opposite Christine Lahti in the 1990 romantic comedy "Funny around Love."
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Wilder and also Pryor in 1991"s "Another You." It was the critical leading duty for both that them.
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James Lipton sits with Wilder during a taping the the show "Inside the Actor"s Studio" in 1996.
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Wilder speaks throughout a writers Guild occasion in 2005.
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Wilder and also his wife, Karen, to visit a U.S. Open tennis match in 2007.
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Wilder attends the yearly Art directors Guild Awards in 2010. Wilder passed away due to symptom from Alzheimer"s disease, which he struggled with for three years, his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman stated in a statement come
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In a statement come ~ above Monday, Brooks called Wilder “one the the truly great talents of our time.”

Gene Wilder 1933 - 2016

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“He blessed every film us did with his magic and also he blessed me through his friendship,” Brooks wrote.

Wilder passed away due to symptom from alzheimer disease, which that struggled v for three years, his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman stated in a statement to

Wilder determined not to disclose his illness, the statement added.

“He simply couldn’t bear the idea the one much less smile in the world,” Walker-Pearlman said.

In the year after “Willy Wonka and also the coco Factory,” Wilder continued to star in countless comedies, with less regular success. That contained several movies with Richard Pryor, including “Stir Crazy” and “Silver Streak,” and solo vehicles like “The Adventures the Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother” and “The World’s greatest Lover,” i beg your pardon he additionally directed.

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In a 2005 interview with, Wilder questioned how the met Brooks, having been actors in a pat opposite the director’s then-girlfriend, anne Bancroft.


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“That brought about ‘The Producers’ and ‘Blazing Saddles’ and ‘Young Frankenstein,’ because I to be miscast in a play,” Wilder said. “And it readjusted my life.”

He said he to be happy to be actors in generally comedic duties throughout his acting career.

“For every dramatic role, there space 14 other men who will perform it better than me, always,” Wilder said

He was married to “Saturday Night Live” regular Gilda Radner for five years till her death in 1989.

as soon as asked in the very same interview even if it is he thought the public expected him come mourn Radner indefinitely, Wilder claimed he feeling some civilization did.

then added, “If you discovered happiness, real happiness, then it would certainly be stupid come waste your life mourning. And also if you asked Gilda, she’d say, nothing be a jerk. Friend know, go out, have actually fun. Wake up and smell the coffee.”

he is endured by his wife of 25 years, Karen Wilder.

A man who lit up the civilization with his joy and also genius. Ns can't say what it expected to act through him and also get to understand his heart. ❤️RIP #GeneWilder

— Debra Messing✍