The combat fatality of White house Chief of Staff man Kelly’s 29-year-old boy in 2010 to be thrust right into the news Tuesday once President Donald Trump doubted whether john Kelly ever received a phone speak to from then-President Obama to express his condolences.

Kelly, the retirement four-star general, has spoken publicly on numerous occasions about the death of his son, first Lt. Robert Kelly, that stepped top top a landmine in Afghanistan in November 2010.

Here’s what he stated shortly before his retirement critical year:

“You know, among the things around losing any type of child ― and also you can not imagine until it happens, and I hope to God it never does for you or anyone ― and also it no ― it doesn’t matter how they die.

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“To lose a child is ― ns can’t imagine anything worse than that. I used to think, once I’d go to all of my trips up to Bethesda, Walter Reed, I’ll walk to the funerals v the secretaries of defense, that I could somehow imagine what it would be like.

“Or when I would send young people back from Iraq that passed away under mine command, to somehow shot ― together you write those letters, to try to in which method sympathize. And also I ― girlfriend know, I lost a father, I lost a mother. So you kind of think the something like that, yet it’s not. It’s nothing favor that.

“And so, as a ― as a human being that’s lost a ― a son in combat ― and the strong one in every one of this is my wife, Karen and also ― and ― and my ― my two kids. However when you shed one in combat, yes sir ― there’s a ― in my opinion, yes sir a pride that goes v it, that he didn’t need to be there doing what he to be doing.

“He wanted to it is in there. He volunteered. Generally speaking, yes no encourage in our culture today to serve the nation, but many, many, many people do, in uniform, together ― in the military, and police officers and CIA and FBI.

“So ns think they’re special people, yet they to be doing what they want to do, and they were through who they want to it is in with, when they shed their lives. Yet I deserve to tell you, the is the many ― it recorded me by surprise, the level of emotionally impact, and every single day it continues that.

“So gold star family members are special, to say the least. –I’m not, however they are. They don’t ask because that much. I obtain ― I gain occasional letters from gold star family members who room asking, “Was it precious it?”

“And I always go ago with this: ‘It no matter. That’s no our concern to ask as parents. That human thought ― the young person thought it was worth it, and that’s the only opinion the counts.’

“They don’t ask for anything, as I say. I think the one thing they would certainly ask is that the cause for i beg your pardon their kid or daughter dropped be ― be brought through come ―-- come a effective end, whatever that means, as opposed to “this is acquiring too costly,” or “too much of a pains in the ass,” and “let’s just walk far from it.” since that’s as soon as they begin thinking it might have been no worth it.“


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