Gen. George S. Patton to be a complicated military figure, yet there can be little debate end whether he was quotable.

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Perhaps most famous for his commanding the the 7th military during people War II, Old “Blood and also Guts” frequently gave rousing speeches come motivate, inspire, and educate his soldiers. We gathered up 11 of his many famous estimates (courtesy the his estate’s official website) that show how larger-than-life he yes, really was.

1. “A pint of sweat will save a gallon that blood.”

Soldiers room not an excellent on the battlefield there is no training hard beforehand. Whether it’s a soldier, a civilian wanting to run a marathon, or a CEO running a company, succeeding at what you carry out requires focus, effort, and learning.

For soldiers especially, working extra tough in training have the right to save their stays later.

2. “A great plan, violent executed now, is much better than a perfect setup next week.”

Known because that his brilliance ~ above the battlefield, Patton frequently had to make decisions based on minimal information and time. However he knew to stop “paralysis by analysis” and also make a decision and execute it the finest he could. Otherwise, the enemy might be able to maneuver faster and beat him.


Patton (second native left) with other American generals, 1945.


3. “Lead me, follow me, or obtain out of my way. “

Perhaps one of the many famous estimates that people don’t establish originated through Patton, this mantra synthetic up his style.

4. “Do everything you questioning of those girlfriend command.”

Patton led his soldiers through example. While he’s ideal known because that commanding troops during civilization War II and perfecting the art of tank warfare, his troops knew he was more than willing to personally obtain into the fight. During human being War i for example, Patton was shot in the leg while directing tanks, after ~ he repetitively exposed himself to opponent fire.

5. “Say what friend mean and also mean what friend say.”

Patton didn’t mince words. Quickly after the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, he began giving his now-famous “blood and guts” speeches at fort Benning. They were frequently profane, however direct.

“This individual heroic stuff is pure horse shit,” he told troops top top June 5, 1944, prior to D-Day. “The bilious bastards that write that sort of stuff because that the Saturday Evening short article don’t know any much more about real fighting under fire than they know about f–king!”

6. “Many soldiers are brought about faulty concepts of battle by knowing too much around too little.”

The general didn’t sugarcoat what combat would certainly be choose for his soldiers. While movies and books tend to glorify war, Patton gave speeches come his men where he defined exactly what lock faced:

“You room not all going come die. Just two percent of you right below today would certainly die in a significant battle. Fatality must no be feared. Death, in time, concerns all men. Yes, every male is scared in his very first battle. If he says he’s not, he’s a liar. Some guys are cowards however they hit the very same as the brave guys or they get the hell slammed out of them watching guys fight who are simply as scared as they are. The genuine hero is the man who fights also though that is scared.”

7. “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what come do and they will surprise you through their ingenuity.”

People dislike to be micromanaged. A great leader, as Patton knew, speak his or she subordinates what is expected, or what the all at once goal is. Castle don’t require to give a step-by-step explanation. It’s a waste of a leader’s time and worse, most civilization resent it.



8. “If anyone is reasoning alike, then someone isn’t thinking.”

Good leaders don’t desire to hear indigenous “yes men.” they encourage healthy debate, talk over strategy, and planning out various options. Patton may have been a excellent tactician top top the battlefield, but he was additionally human. If one of his subordinates i found it something wasn’t functioning or had a better idea, according to this quote, he’d be interested to hear what it was.

9. “Do much more than is forced of you.”

The ceiling minimum quantity of work didn’t reduced it because that Patton. “An army is a team. It lives, sleeps, eats, and also fights together a team. This separation, personal, instance heroic ingredient is pure equine sh–,” he said.

He wanted his males to think around what much more they could do because that the greater great of the unit, instead of just thinking about themselves. This quote have the right to certainly apply to organizations external of the military.

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10. “Moral courage is the most an important and typically the most missing characteristic in men.”

Good leader encourage your subordinates to constantly act through integrity. Also when it’s no the most popular thing come do. Moral courage is all around doing the appropriate thing, even if that decision may an outcome in adverse consequences. Patton understood the worth in this — in addition to the factor why most people didn’t have it.

11. “I am a soldier, ns fight where I am told, and also I win whereby I fight.”

Having served the U.S. Army for 36 years, Patton to be a job soldier who served as an example for his troops. He believed in his country, his mission, and winning the war he to be tasked with. He also knew really well exactly how to motivate his troops come fight through him:

“We’re not going to simply shoot the sons-of-bitches, we’re going come rip the end their life Goddamned guts and use them come grease the treads of our tanks.”