Bowles after Geno-Enemkpali incident: "You gotta it is in kidding me" (0:58)Former jets coach Todd Bowles was in disbelief after hear quarterback Geno Smith got punched in the face by linebacker IK Enemkpali. (0:58)


Jeremy Fowler polled a dashboard of an ext than 50 coaches, execs, scouts and players come come up through top-10 rankings because that 2020:

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Brandon Marshall, Jets large receiver: that was the issue. kept putting him off, placing him off. Because that Geno, what was disrespectful to be -- just pay the man his $600. Just fix the situation. However to store pressing, "I"ll get you, I"ll gain you, I"ll gain you ..." ns think that was the problem.

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Reilly: We acquire to maintain camp and also IK is questioning him around it. That day, the asks him. Ns was sitting right there; mine locker was beside Geno. Geno just kind the says, "Just chill, man, forget around it. What are you going to perform if i don"t pay you?"

Marshall: i remember looking to mine left and also seeing Geno type of like give a look at like, "Ha, ha, ha," like laughing a male off and shrugging that off. All of a sudden ... boom! Geno is in a locker.

Reilly: IK reaches ago and clocks that -- a complete swing. He hit the basically v an top cut/cross come the jaw. Geno fell into my locker and also I got out of the way. Geno was more than likely hurt, however I provide him credit. The wrapped increase IK, grabbed him and also just make the efforts to get through it. Various guys make the efforts to rest them up.

Marshall: You view all these guys, consisting of myself, to run to the area. I remained in the second wave of males to walk over there. Ns looked and IK is ~ above Geno in locker. You obtained all this guys, offensive and defensive linemen, trying to pull him off. They simply couldn"t. I was like, "Holy crap." i remember Geno coming up after ~ a while, type of like poignant his jaw, through blood ~ above his lips.

Bruce Speight, jet director of public relations: It happened so fast. Everybody to be a tiny stunned. I remember we had an hour before practice started and we knew Geno wasn"t going to be the end there v the team. Our goal was to make sure we announced the news first, before the media damaged it.

Fitzpatrick: The quarterbacks had drug trial and error that day. I went to go first because ns was older, and also when I entered the room ns didn"t have my id on me, for this reason they wouldn"t allow me test. Therefore Geno went in and also tested as I walked out to my truck to gain my wallet and also ID. Ns waited exterior the room until he was done and then entered. As soon as I walked out of the test, someone instantly said, "Your boy just obtained hit in the face." then he stated Geno by name.


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Pepper Johnson, Jets protective line coach: You shot to tell these guys how to respond and also how to handle some of those situations because of experience, knowing what could happen. It"s the athlete in us. Girlfriend feel favor you"re a small invincible. At times, girlfriend feel choose you can handle a many things. That was one instance where, unfortunately, it ended up with a player gaining hurt.

Marshall: i remember talking to Geno in the hallway, and also he"s like, "My jaw." He"s make the efforts to move his jaw. I"m like, man, "Is her f---ing jaw broken?" so I grabbed his mouth and also was like, "Open up." I"m most likely the one who damaged his jaw.

Buffalo bills coach Rex Ryan, fired by the Jets just seven months earlier, fueled the story by claiming Enemkpali on waivers the following day. That prompted a front-page headline in the new York Post:


On Nov. 12, Ryan stirred the pot again by do Enemkpali a captain in the coach"s extremely anticipated go back to MetLife Stadium. In act so, Ryan, that coached Enemkpali in 2014, turn a back-up linebacker into a major storyline in a prime-time game. Countless perceived it as a shot in ~ the Jets.

Ryan: It"s funny just how everybody made the a huge deal, favor I to be some kind of rogue or something. That"s bulls---.

Reilly: the was the best part of the story: us play Buffalo and IK is the captain. Rex Ryan, man. Love it.

Ryan: Everybody claimed I picked him up due to the fact that he punched Geno. Man, that had absolutely nothing to do with it. I like both those kids. Yet literally, that"s just how everybody take it it. Fairly honestly, I never cared that people took it that way. We necessary players. IK to be a young kid that ns thought had some talent and could develop. It had actually nothing to execute with punching Geno. Come on. The fact that i made him captain, yeah, that was type of an F-you thing to do, but I did it every single week whenever somebody played their previous team.

With Rex Ryan as the head coach and also Geno Smith together the quarterback, the jets went 4-12 in 2014.Brad Penner/USA this particular day SportsEnemkpali it s long the 2015 season v the Bills but never played another NFL game. The complying with year, he suffered a knee injury and also was released. In 2017, the failed in a comeback attempt v the Oakland Raiders. That retired and became a actual estate businessman in the Austin, Texas, area. His website homepage reflects a picture of that in his bills uniform, yet there"s no point out of the jet or his NFL career in his bio.

Smith was Wally Pipp-ed by Fitzpatrick, who collection a franchise record with 31 touchdown passes and also sparked the jets to among their ideal offensive seasons. Once thought about a potential long-term answer in ~ quarterback, Smith invested the next five seasons together a reserve for the Jets, new York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers and Seahawks, wherein he as soon as again is poised to offer as Russell Wilson"s backup.

One punch readjusted two careers.

Ben Ijalana, Jets offensive tackle: Honestly, i don"t even think about it. Ns don"t desire to. The was bad news all around. Stays were altered.

Marshall: i think it damaged career. He was primed to have a really an excellent year. I don"t think the would"ve been as magical together the year us had, but that would"ve to be his minute to present he"s capable of gift a starter. The was taken away from him. ... As you see, that hasn"t gained an chance to be a starter.

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Reilly: you could virtually say it to be a blessing in disguise. You never ever want to say that about a guy getting his jaw broken. That knows? possibly we would"ve been simply as an excellent with Geno. Come Fitz"s credit, as shortly as the happened, he just took manage of the team. His play from the last part of spring to the an initial week of cultivate camp to be a stunner improvement.