We know: the friendship between former first Lady Michelle Obama and President George W. Shrub is a little unexpected. Yet somehow, the 2 have regulated to overcome partisan currently to type a delightful bond that proves us really can all obtain along.

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While appearing on the Today show in October 2018, Mrs. Obama revealed how, exactly, they became friends in the first place. "President Bush and I, we room forever seatmates because of protocol. That"s exactly how we sit at every the official functions. So he is my companion in crime in ~ every major thing where all the formers gather," she said. "So we"re together all the time, and I love him come death. He"s a exorbitant man. He"s a funny man."

During that interview, she was referring to their time with each other at man McCain"s memorial service in September 2018. There, bush was photographed handing Mrs. Obama a sneeze drop, which the Internet very first thought was a piece of candy. And earlier this week, he handed her either an additional cough fall or a item of candy at the funeral organization for his so late father, president George H.W. Bush.

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"She sort of likes my sense of humor. Anybody who likes my sense of humor, I automatically like," bush told People of their partnership in 2017."I"m relatively lighthearted. are approximately serious world all the time and also we simply took to every other."

In honor of these two pals, us took a look back at their years of friendship—and few of their cutest moments in the spotlight.

December 2019: Michelle Obama talks with Today show hold Jenna bush Hager around her link with president Bush

In irradiate of the current online backlash talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres obtained after enjoying an NFL football video game with Bush, Mrs. Obama was asked around her very own friendship with him in one interview v Today.

“I had the possibility to sit by her father in ~ funerals, the highs and also the lows, and we mutual stories about our youngsters and about our parents,” Mrs. Obama said Hager . “Our values are the same. We disagree ~ above policy, yet we don"t disagree on humanity. Us don"t disagree about love and also compassion.”

Although the 2 friends are component of opposing politics parties, Mrs. Obama added that she hopes human being don"t "get shed in our fear of what"s different."

Watch the complete clip indigenous Today below:

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After so late Senator john McCain passed away at 81 indigenous glioblastoma—one that the most aggressive types of brain cancer—family and politicians like former Vice president Joe Biden and also former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger put aside their distinctions to gather at the Washington nationwide Cathedral to honor him. In a lighthearted moment during a sad day, cameras caught bush taking a cough drop native his wife, former first Lady Laura Bush, and also passing it follow me to Mrs. Obama. Clearly, he has actually her back.

"I didn"t realize at the time the anybody noticed what we were doing" she called Today. "It to be a simple gesture. He was obtaining a cough drop native Laura, and also I looked over, and also I said "hand me a sneeze drop." and he was like "oh, okay." and also I will include that they to be old sneeze drops. That"s the funny thing."

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