SARASOTA, Fla. ( – american will never ever forget the terror assaults that took ar on Sept. 11, 2001. And also most will never forget whereby they were when they heard about the tragedy.

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Then-President George W. Bush was visiting Sarasota, just around seven months right into his presidency, when he discovered out what to be happening.

Bush to be on his way to Emma E. Booker elementary school School when the very first plane crashed in ~ the civilization Trade center in brand-new York City.

The president to be sitting in Room 301, a second-grade classroom in ~ the school, analysis with students as soon as his cook of employee told him about the 2nd crash.

“A second plane has actually hit the 2nd tower,” Andrew map whispered to him. “America is under attack.”

Bush reaction to the news v a look of shock. He defined his reaction in a news conference the adhering to week. Follow to, the said, “I’m sitting in the middle of a classroom with small kids, listening to a children story and I realize i’m the command in chief and also the country has just come under attack.”

After learning about the attacks, history says he continued to hear to the kids reading for an additional eight or nine minutes, then complimented your reading and also posed for pictures.

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The chairman then went into an north classroom in ~ the school where that watched the latest news reports and spoke through Vice President penis Cheney and new York branch George Pataki.

Minutes later, shrub made his an initial announcement about the strikes from the Sarasota school.

“Ladies and also gentlemen, this is a daunting moment for America. I, unfortunately, will be going back to Washington after mine remarks. Secretary (of education) stick Paige and the sublieutenant governor will certainly take the podium and also discuss education. I perform want to give thanks to the folks here at Booker Elementary college for their hospitality.

Today, we have had a national tragedy. 2 airplanes have crashed into the people Trade center in an noticeable terrorist attack on our country. I have spoken to the angry president, to the governor of new York and to the manager of the FBI, and I’ve ordered the complete resources the the federal government to aid the victims and their families and to uncover those folks who committed this act.

Terrorism versus our country will not stand. And also now, if you’ll sign up with me in a moment of silence.”

The president then asked for God come bless the victims, their families, and also America before he left because that Sarasota-Bradenton worldwide Airport whereby Air force One was waiting. Top top his means to the airport, background says the learned about the third attack targeting the Pentagon in Washington.

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Less 보다 a mainly later,the president created a letter to the primary school schoolthanking them because that inviting him come the school.

“I appreciated my visit and also really evaluate your understanding why it was crucial for me to leaving early,” he composed in the letter handle to “my friends in ~ Emma Booker elementary School.”

Healso created a letter to primary Gwen Rigell apologizingfor having to cut the visit short.

“I appreciate too everything you room doing to help children know the terrible tragedies of critical week’s terrorist attacks,” he wrote.

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The Emma E. Booker Elementary college now has actually a small plaque exterior Room 301 the commemorates the tragic job in history.