former President George W. Shrub is planning a fundraiser for embattled Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), when again pitting Bush against fellow previous President Donald Trump, who has made Cheney among his height targets because that a primary challenge this cycle.

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previous US president George W. Shrub speaks during a 9/11 commemoration at the flight 93 national ... <+> Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania top top September 11, 2021. - America significant the 20th anniversary the 9/11 Saturday v solemn ceremonies given included poignancy by the recent chaotic tap the money of troops native Afghanistan and also return to strength of the Taliban. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo through MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

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The October 18 reception in Dallas, Texas, will be co-hosted by longtime bush strategist karl Rove and also former Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who offered as ambassador to NATO under Trump, follow to a source familiar v the event.

The event, an initial reported by Politico and the Wall Street Journal, will additionally feature former shrub White home aide Karen Hughes, former shrub White residence counsel and also short-lived can be fried Court nominee Harriet Miers, and Hunt Oil Co. Executive beam Hunt.

Cheney, whose father prick Cheney offered under shrub as vice president, is dealing with a primary an obstacle from former Republican national Committee member Harriet Hageman, that Trump endorsed end Cheney’s poll for impeachment in January.

The event is the recent in a series of clashes between the two ex-presidents this year: trump snubbed the bush family in July through endorsing incumbent Texas Attorney basic Ken Paxton end challenger George P. Bush, the previous president’s nephew.

More recently, shrub caught Trump’s ire during a 9/11 event by speak domestic and also foreign extremists space “children that the very same foul spirit” –widely seen as a reference to the Capitol revolt – with Trump blasting Bush’s “failed and uninspiring presidency.”

Key Background

As president, trump was not shy around openly attack his predecessors. That frequently and baselessly accused previous President Barack Obama that spying on him, and last might Trump attacked Bush because that being “nowhere to be found” during his an initial impeachment trial previously that year. Bush’s campaigning for Cheney now puts them straight at odds, and also could lead to much more attacks.

Crucial Quote

“We aren’t thinking around the next election bike yet. Yet I do understand that President bush is plan to contact VP Cheney tomorrow for two reasons: to wish him a happy 80th birthday, and also to say thanks to him because that his daughter’s service,” shrub spokesman Freddy Ford told Politico shortly after Cheney and 9 other house Republicans voted for Trump’s impeachment end the Capitol riot.

Chief Critic

“I strongly endorse Republican house of representatives Candidate Harriet Hageman from Wyoming that is running versus warmonger and also disloyal Republican, Liz Cheney,” Trump claimed in a statement earlier this month, also calling Cheney “the democrats number one provider the sound bites.” Hageman is one of six challengers to Republican incumbents Trump has endorsed.

Big Number

$1,000. It is the expense for one “attendee” ticket in ~ the October 18 fundraiser, v “co-host” tickets going for $2,900 and also a “chairman” costing an upwards the $5,800 –the commonwealth limit because that a couple’s campaign donations.

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