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George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle 53.5%48,886,597426     Democratic Michael Dukakis/Lloyd Bentsen 45.8%41,809,476111     Libertarian Ron Paul/Andre Marrou 0.5%431,7500     New Alliance Lenora Fulani/Joyce Dattner 0.2%217,2210Total Votes91,345,044537Election outcomes via: 1988 main election results

Other candidates that appeared on the ballot received much less than 0.1% the the vote. Those candidates included: David Duke, Eugene McCarthy, James Griffen, lindon LaRouce, wilhelm Marra, Edward Winn, James Warren, Herbert Lewin, Earl Dodge, Larry Holmes, Willa Kenoyer, Delmar Dennis, Jack Herer, louis Youngkeit and John Martin.<8>

1984 presidential election

In 1984, bush ran as vice chairman to Ronald Reagan, who defeated Walter Mondale for re-election to the United states presidency.

U.S. Presidential election, 1984
PartyCandidateVote %VotesElectoral votes
    Republican Ronald Reagan/George H.W. Bush 50.9%43,903,230489
    Democratic Jimmy Carter/Walter Mondale 41.1%35,480,11549
    Independent man Anderson/Patrick Lucey 6.6%5,719,8500
    Libertarian Edward Clark/David Koch 1.1%921,1280
    Citizens Barry Commoner/LaDonna Harris 0.3%233,0520
Total Votes86,257,375538
Election results via: 1980 main election results

Other candidates that appeared on the ballot received less than 0.1% of the vote. Those candidates included: Gus Hall, man Rarick, Clifton DeBerry, Ellen McCormack, Maureen Smith, Deirdre Griswold, Benjamin Bubar, David McReynolds, Percy Greaves Jr., Andrew Pulley, Richard Congress, kurt Lynen, invoice Gahres, frank Shelton, boy name Wendelken and also Harley McLain.<10>


Note: Please call us if the an individual information below requires an update.Bush was married to his wife Barbara till her fatality on April 17, 2018, with whom he had actually six children, including former President George W. Bush and also former governor of Florida Jeb Bush.<3> His daughter Robin passed away at age three native leukemia.

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<4> His father, Prescott Bush, also served together a senator, representing Connecticut indigenous 1952-1963.<3>