Smoke rises indigenous the website of the human being Trade center in brand-new York City, September 11, 2001. (Photoby Paul Morse;National catalog ID 5997250)


Map of 4 flights and also timeline of occasions on September 11, 2001. (National magazine ID 5899988)


President George W. Bush and also White house staff in ~ Emma E. Booker Elementary school in Sarasota, FL, watch news coverage of trip 175 to mark the south Tower of theWorldTradeCenter. (Photo by Eric Draper;National catalog ID204326996)


Onboard the plane carrier USS Eisenhower, U.S. Navy sailors watch televised news reports, mirroring theWorldTradeCenter, throughout the terrorist attacks. (Photo byU.S. Navy Petty Officer third Class Justin K. Thomas, USN;National brochure ID6610647)


A sign claims "All Crossings toNewYorkClosed" ~ the September 11, 2001, terrorist assault on NewYorkCity.(Photo by Paul Morse;National brochure ID 205206239)


President George W. Shrub visits brand-new York City top top September 14, 2001. (Photo by Eric Draper;National catalog ID 5997294)

President George W. Shrub waves torescue employees while touring the website of the civilization Trade facility terrorist strike in new York City. (Photo through Eric Draper;National directory ID5997292)

A helmet and flowers sit atop a rack at brand-new York City"s Engine Co. 55 firehouse in new York City. (Photo by Eric Draper;National brochure ID5997366)

Firefighters shot to save the fire after ~ the hijacked American Airlines trip 77 crashed right into the Pentagon ~ above September 11, 2001.(Photo byU.S. Air force Technical Sgt. Jim Varhegyi;National catalog ID6523862)

An aerial check out of the Pentagontwo days after September 11 shows the influence pointwhere the hijacked American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the building.(U.S. Air pressure Technical Sgt. Cedric H. Rudisill;National catalog ID6523869)

Firefighters gather exterior thePentagon hrs after American airline Fight 77 was piloted by terrorists right into the building.(Photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd ClassJim Watson;National directory ID6610676)

As rescue and recovery to work continued, family members gathered in ~ thePentagonon September 15to view the area wherein their love ones perished. (Photo byU.S. Army Staff Sgt. John Valceanu;National magazine ID 6519375)

Near Shanksville, PA, achain-link fence bearing flags, hats, rosaries, and other itemsservedas a momentary memorial honoring the passengers and also crew of flight 93.(National catalog ID5616340)

A mite at the temporarymemorial, close to Shanksville, PA, honors the passengers and crew ofFlight93, hijacked ~ above September 11, 2001.. (National magazine ID 5616321)

This year, us commemorate the 20th anniversary that the September 11, 2001, strikes on the unified States. The nationwide safeguards countless records related to 9/11, consisting of those the the 9/11 Commission, the 9/11 federal Aviation administration records, and the documents of the George W. Shrub Presidential Library.

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Most of us remember whereby we were, and how life readjusted that day. As an agency with infrastructure in Washington, DC, brand-new York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and also California, the immediacy of the occasions felt that much closer come our homes and workplaces.

Left: Soldiers from the third Infantry render honors together firefighters and also rescue workers unfurl one American flag at the Pentagon. (Photo through U.S. Marine Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Pendergrass) check out in nationwide Catalog

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Programs to mark the 20th Anniversary that 9/11

Tuesday, September 7 7 p.m. ET

American Phoenix: Heroes the the Pentagon|National Museum

Journalist Phil Hirschkorn speaks through Lincoln W. Starnes, writer of American Phoenix, and also Pentagon eyewitnesses/rescuers Lt. Col. Marilyn Wills, military Sgt. First Class Christopher Braman, and Army Sgt. Maj. Tony Rose.

Wednesday, September 8 5 p.m ET

How we Remember: September 11 Memorials | National Foundation

Patrick Madden, executive Director the the nationwide Foundation, moderates a conversation on memorials to note national tragedies. Panelists incorporate Michael Arad, architect that NYC’s 9/11 Memorial, Julie Beckman and also Keith Kaseman, designers of the national 9/11 Pentagon Memorial; Paul Murdoch, architect of the flight 93 nationwide Memorial; and Spencer Bailey, journalist and author the In memory Of: Designing modern-day Memorials. Moderated by Patrick Madden, nationwide Foundation.

Friday, September 10 6 p.m. ET

A Life of Selfless Service, Sacrifice, and also Civic Engagement | National at brand-new York

Although Colonel Cyril “Rick” Rescorla passed away on 9/11, that is credited with saving the stays of 2,700 fellow employees of Morgan Stanley. A dashboard will discuss his service, courage and also leadership. Megan Jones, an elderly Director of education and learning Programs, 9/11 Memorial and also Museum, will certainly moderate the conversation with Conrad Crane, chef of analysis and research for the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle Barracks, PA; Lissa Young, Assistant Professor in the department of behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the united States military Academy in West Point, NY; and also Jenna Ryall, manager of Civics for every at the new York City room of Education.

On Exhibit

Children"s letters from the American Red overcome Collection: September 11 recovery Program September 7–October 6, 2021, in the national priziv.orgEast Rotunda Gallery


Video: A Life of Selfless Service, Sacrifice, and Civic Engagement: Cyril "Rick" Rescorla

Featured artifact:Bullhorn supplied by President bush at soil Zero in new York City, September 14, 2001. (George W. Bush Presidential Library and also Museum)


Blogs and also Social Media

9/11 Fireman’s child Sees Dad on national Instagram

An Instagram article in honor of 9/11 linked the child of a brand-new York firefighter v a meaningful photograph. (National News) More

‘In our new York office: A day choose no other’

On the anniversary the the attacks, us reprint the firsthand account from staff at the nationwide at brand-new York City. (National News) More


More Blogs

The message Message:Shutting under the Sky: The federal Aviation administration on 9/11

Images native 9/11

9/11 Flickr collection from the George W. Shrub Presidential Library

Selection that photographs in the national Catalog

9/11 Commission documents at the nationwide

The nationwide Commission on Terrorist attacks Upon the unified States, aka the 9/11 Commission, to be an independent, bipartisan commission developed by conference to provide a "full and also complete accounting" the the 9/11 attacks. The Commission operated from 2003 come 2004 and held hearings, carried out interviews, and issued a last report.

When the 9/11 Commission close up door on august 21, 2004, it transferred legal custody of its documents (approximately 570 cubic feet the textual documents alone) come the national As component of the legislative branch Branch, the Commission’s records are not subject to the flexibility of information Act.

Due to the collection’s volume and also the large percentage of national security share files, the national staff proceeds to procedure these materials.

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9/11 Commission sources Online

9/11 commonwealth Aviation management (FAA) Records

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the commonwealth Aviation administration (FAA) compiled documents to assistance internal and external investigate of the events. This collection is composed of 126 cubic feet the textual, audio, and electronic files.

At the Presidential Libraries

William J. Clinton Library

George W. Bush Library

Barack Obama Library

Donald J. Trumped Library

Building the civilization Trade Center

"Constructing the people Trade Center" - VISION USA, No. 06, 1972 (National i would 58975)