give thanks to you very much. Laura and also I are honored to be with you. Madam angry President, Vice chairman Cheney. Branch Wolf, Secretary Haaland, and distinguished guests: 20 years ago, we all uncovered – in different ways, in different places, yet all in ~ the same moment – that our resides would be readjusted forever. The world was loud through carnage and sirens, and then quiet with absent voices the would never be heard again. These lives remain priceless to our country, and infinitely valuable to many of you. This particular day we remember your loss, us share her sorrow, and also we honor the men and women you have actually loved for this reason long and so well. for those also young come recall the clear September day, the is difficult to explain the mix of feelings us experienced. Over there was horror at the scale of destruction, and also awe at the bravery and also kindness that increased to accomplish it. There to be shock at the audacity the evil, and gratitude because that the heroism and decency the opposed it. In the sacrifice of the an initial responders, in the mutual help of strangers, in the solidarity the grief and also grace, the actions of an foe revealed the heart of a people. And also we were proud of our wounded nation. In this memories, the passengers and also crew of flight 93 must always have an honored place. Below the plan targets came to be the instruments of rescue. And many who are currently alive fan a vast, unconscious blame to the defiance shown in the skies above this field. It would certainly be a mistake to idealize the endure of those devastating events. All that many people could at first see to be the brute randomness that death. All the many could feel was unearned suffering. All that many might hear was God’s devastating silence. There are countless who still battle with a lonely pain that cuts deep within. In those fateful hours, us learned various other lessons as well. We experienced that Americans were vulnerable, however not fragile – that they possess a core of stamin that survives the worst that life have the right to bring. Us learned that bravery is an ext common than we imagined, arising with sudden splendor in the face of death. Us vividly felt how every hour through our loved ones is a temporary and also holy gift. And also we uncovered that even the longest days end. many of us have actually tried to do spiritual sense of this events. Over there is no simple explanation for the mix that Providence and also human will that to adjust the direction of our lives. But comfort have the right to come from a different sort the knowledge. After wandering long and also lost in the dark, countless have found they were in reality walking, step by step, towards grace. as a nation, our adjustments have actually been profound. Countless Americans struggled to recognize why an foe would hate us with such zeal. The protection measures incorporated into our resides are both resources of comfort and reminders of our vulnerability. And also we have actually seen cultivation evidence that the threats to our country can come not only throughout borders, yet from violence the gathers within. Over there is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and also violent extremists in ~ home. However in your disdain because that pluralism, in their neglect for human being life, in their determination to defile nationwide symbols, they are children of the exact same foul spirit. And also it is our continuing duty to challenge them. ~ 9/11, countless brave americans stepped forward and volunteered to offer in the armed Forces. The military steps taken over the last twenty years to pursue risks at their resource have caused debate. However one thing is certain:We owe an assurance come all that have battled our nation’s most recent battles. Allow me speak straight to veterans and also people in uniform: The cause you gone after at the contact of duty is the noblest America has to offer. You have shielded your other citizens native danger. Girlfriend have defended the beliefs of your country and advanced the legal rights of the downtrodden. You have actually been the challenge of hope and also mercy in dark places. You have been a force for an excellent in the world. Nothing the has followed – naught – can tarnish her honor or diminish your accomplishments. Come you, and to the honored dead, our nation is forever grateful. (Applause.) In the weeks and months following the 9/11 attacks, ns was proud to command an amazing, resilient, joined people. Once it pertains to the unit of America, those days seems far-off from our own. A malign force seems at occupational in our typical life that transforms every disagreement into an argument, and every debate into a clash the cultures. So much of our national politics has come to be a naked appeal come anger, fear, and also resentment. That leaves us worried about our country and ours future together. i come without explanations or solutions. I have the right to only tell girlfriend what I have actually seen. on America’s job of trial and grief, I observed millions of world instinctively grab for a neighbor’s hand and rally to the cause of one another.

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Thatis the America ns know. (Applause.) at a time when spiritual bigotry might have flowed freely, I witnessed Americans reject prejudice and take on people the Muslim faith.Thatis the country I know. (Applause.) in ~ a time once nativism could have stirred hatred and violence against people perceived as outsiders, I saw Americans reaffirm your welcome that immigrants and refugees.Thatis the nation I know. (Applause.) at a time once some regarded the increasing generation together individualistic and decadent, I witnessed young people adopt an ethic of service and rise come selfless action.Thatis the country I know. (Applause.) This is not mere nostalgia; it is the truest variation of ourselves. The is what we have actually been – and also what we can be again. twenty years ago, terrorists chose a random group of Americans, top top a regimen flight, to be collateral damage in a spectacular action of terror. The 33 passengers and 7 crew of flight 93 can have been any group of citizen selected by fate. In that sense, lock stood in for us all. The terrorists soon uncovered that a random team of americans is superb group that people. Facing an impossible circumstance, castle comforted your loved people by phone, prepare for the preparation each other for action, and also defeated the design of evil. this Americans to be brave, strong, and also united in methods that shocked the terrorists – however should no surprise any kind of of us. This is the nationweknow. (Applause.) and whenever we require hope and inspiration, we can look come the skies and also remember. God bless.

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Video the the observance awareness is available on the trip 93 national Memorial facebook page.