Despite preliminary indications that the trumped family"s government-paid travel costs are greater than the Obamas", internet rumors exaggerate the disparity.

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Published16 October 2017

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As that October 14, 2017

Taxpayer dollars spend on vacations, golf and an individual security while no at the White home for Barack, Michelle, Malia and also Sasha

$98,000,000.00 end 8 years or $1,020,833.33 every month

Taxpayer dollars invest on vacations, golf and an individual security while not at the White home for Donald, Melania and also Barron

$147,000,000.00 over 9 months or $16,333,333.33 per month

Not a peep native Conservatives.

If accurate, the to compare is every the more striking in that Trump was an inveterate movie critic of chairman Obama’s travel and also vacation costs for years:

BarackObama‘s holidays is costing taxpayers countless dollars—-Unbelievable!

— Donald J. Trumped (
realDonaldTrump) January 5, 2012

realDonaldTrump) April 27, 2012

“I would rarely leave the White House due to the fact that there’s so lot work to be done,” trump told The Hill in 2015. “I would not it is in a president who took vacations. I would not it is in a president that takes time off.” While campaigning for the presidency in 2016, trump card said to the American people: “I’m going come be functioning for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

In suggest of fact, according to a report in USA Today, Trump only spent 5 of his first 26 weekends as president holed up exclusively in the White House. The rest entailed trips to his adjacent golf clubs. In early August 2017, CBS News White home correspondent mark Knoller toted increase how countless days Trump had actually spent far from the White residence versus the number of days Obama invested offsite and also found that Trump’s total, at every or part of 41 days far from Washington, was nearly twice Obama’s, at all or part of 21 days away (although George W. Shrub had castle both beat in ~ 61 days away).

Although that too quickly as the October 2017, just nine months right into his presidency, come render even a semi-complete portrait that the trumped family’s travel prices (such details are hardly ever released other than in an answer to liberty of information Act inquiries, and sometimes not also then), preliminary indications are that Trump’s past objections of Obama will certainly come ago to haunt him. 

Looking in ~ the details we perform have, the Obama family’s travel prices during the whole eight years of his presidency totaled about $106 million, according to the many recent FOIA numbers released by the conservative watchdog team Judicial Watch, who maintained close tabs top top Obama’s spending. The Obamas’ travel expenses therefore averaged around $1.1 million every month end the food of his term.

Turning come Trump, the alleged $147 million already spent on take trip by the president and his family throughout his first nine months in office madness exceeds anything supported by actual data. That having actually been said, it does appear, based upon the details available, that Trump and family have indeed most likely outstripped the Obamas in terms of monthly take trip costs, albeit by a smaller margin than claimed.

Judicial Watch, who have vowed to screen Trump’s travel prices as carefully as they go Obama’s (FOIA requests are already on file), report in July 2017 that 2 months right into Trump’s presidency taxpayers were already on the hook for $3.58 million in charges because that air travel alone (i.e., not included auxiliary costs such as an enig Service housing, neighborhood transporation, police protection, etc.) by the president, very first lady, and also vice president throughout February and also March. That’s roughly $1.8 million per month, $700,000 an ext than the Obamas’ monthly average, which included the assistant costs we don’t yet have actually for Trump. 

Focusing just on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips, of i beg your pardon there were seven between Inauguration Day and mid-August 2017, an effort at a an ext comprehensive calculation by the progressive watchdog group center for American Progress activity Fund cleared up on a price of around $3 million per trip — a full of $21 million for all of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago stays through August, amounting to $2.6 million per month). The reliability of that estimate has been rightly dubbed into question, offered that the was generalised from a Government Accountability Office report written well prior to Trump took office, yet it is indicative of how high the trump card family’s travel expenses — as soon as they space updated to include actual mystery Service expenses and incidentals might well go.

For that matter, obligatory mystery Service security extends to every one of Trump’s children, consisting of his two adult sons, who security costs while traveling space borne by American taxpayers even though they don’t job-related for the administration, instead running their father’s international organization holdings. Follow to CBS News, lodging and also transportation prices for federal agents protecting Eric and Donald trump card Jr. On their travels had already surpassed $190,000 by the end of chairman Trump’s third month in office.

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Also indicative is a USA Today report the in addition to his Mar-a-Lago residencies, as of 21 respectable Trump had racked up five visits to his exclusive golf society in brand-new Jersey. In ~ these 2 locations, the secret Service invested $60,000 top top rent because that the golf carts necessary to defend the president. If the pattern continues, American taxpayers deserve to expect to it is in dinged because that as lot as $103,000 every year in golf dare rentals alone. 

Although there isn’t yet enough information to job-related up a comprehensive comparison of the trumped family’s travel costs versus the Obama family’s, it seems a close to certainty, prevent a dramatic change in lifestyle, that the Trumps’ expenses will continue to outpace the Obamas’ by a healthy margin, although nowhere approaching the $15 million-a-month disparity alleged by net sources.