When George Carlin is asked i m sorry HBO concert is his favorite, his price is always, "Jammin' In new York." The factors are several: It to be his an initial HBO display done live; it to be the an initial he had actually done in his hometown, new York City; and it was the biggest audience he had ever worked before: 6,500.The display is a perfect blend of biting society commentary and much more gently-observed observational pieces.

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DirectorsRocco UrbisciStarringGeorge CarlinGenresComedy, Arts, Entertainment, and CultureSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
StudioMPI Media GroupContent advisoryFoul language, sex-related content, violencePurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video clip (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
NicholasReviewed in the United says on may 27, 2021
This could be considered Carlin"s magnus opus. The display has an acerbic begin that to adjust the tempo because that the entire hour. It has its slow points, like any song or book might have, but Carlin"s personality really starts come shine through on this album. Even if it is you agree through him or not, Carlin has actually the capability to upper and lower reversal a mundane thing, idea, or college into an item of humor and ridicule, and also then, top of it off v touches the philosophy. Because that anyone interested in the ideal of Carlin"s so late life, bitter comedy (which started during the early 1980s), don"t miss this one.
Keith DickensReviewed in the United states on October 1, 2020
4:3 trying to play in 16:9 provides it stretched on all my screens.George is my favourite comedian and also this will constantly be one of his best, specifically in his later on years. It"s indigenous 2006, and the political feeling is still appropriate today.
Joe Joe GadgetReviewed in the United claims on august 20, 2020
The funniest, most insightful comedian I"ve ever before seen. We might sure usage his political and everyday situation comedy now!!
Capt R A FisherReviewed in the United says on October 6, 2018
Loved his pre-political/bitterness stuff he offered to do. Supplied to be very unique. Now just much more of the same preaching, disguised as comedy, anyone else is doing. If you"re trying to find some relief native being preached to through one political next or the other, George isn"t your man anymore. Bummed! offered to love his stuff.
Demitry ToumilovichReviewed in the United claims on September 7, 2017
He explains them in a witty way that's extremely entertaining and also just level funny. This guy is a genius and also this to be ...
So numerous things I desire to say around this, but I"ll save it brief. Also though this is a little bit old, he"s quiet on allude with our current problems with the world. He explains them in a witty way that"s incredibly entertaining and also just level funny. This male is a genius and also this was amazing.
Another perfect work-related by George Carlin. Mr. Carlin has this rare ability to do me laugh and think. " I got thisthing ns do. It"s dubbed thinking." Mr. Carlin make this country a much better place to live. Why ? due to the fact that he madeus laugh. We have to laugh. Laughter is great for ya. He also makes ya think. Something world sometimes find ithard come do. If I had my method every American, particularly the american who pick to go into politics would have actually tolistened tough to George Calin. Mr. Carlin, where ever you are, give thanks to you.
none of these hbo specials on priziv.org prime are the genuine deal. The timing is off, the indigenous are different from his initial work. Gonna have to go earlier to bittorrent acquire the genuine thing again.
... And also not the old Carlin.He"s comes across as whiny, bitter and also preachy. Rotate him turn off after 30 minutes.

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