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Song Lyrics:
Okay. Like to begin with a perform of world I can do without. Ns think everybody has actually a list like this. This is my list of civilization I can do without.Guys in… males in over there fifties named Skip.Anyone that pays for vaginal jelly through an Exxon credit transaction card.An airline pilot who wearing two different shoes.A proctologist with poor depth perception.A pimp that drives a Toyota Corolla.A gynecologist who wants my mam to have actually 3 or 4 drinks prior to the examination.Guys v a lot of small pins on your hats.Anyone that mentions Jesus more than 300 time in a 2-minute conversation.A dentist with blood in his hair.Any woman whose understanding is breastfeeding zoo animals.A funeral director who says, “Hope to watch you people again actual soon.”Girls who get drunk and also throw up at breakfast.A male with just one lip.A boy Scout grasp who own a ***** shop.People that actually know the second verse come the Star Spangled Banner.Any lawyer who refers to the police together the federales.A cross-eyed nun with a bullwhip and a party of gin.A brain surgeon with “Born to Lose” tattooed on his hands.Guys who have actually their names printed on their belts.Couples whose children’s name all begin with the same initial.A male in a hospital gown directing traffic.A waitress v a visible infection on she serving hand.People who have large gums and tiny teeth.Guys who wear the exact same underwear until it starts to reduced off the circulation to their feet.And any kind of man whose eight hair fully covers his wristwatch.Okay that’s sufficient of that. That’s enough of that. Thank you. Every right. Yeah. Give thanks to you. Thank you. (Stavro Arrgolus)


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