Stefano Rellandini/REUTERS/File Photo record PHOTO: U.S. Actor George Clooney and also his mam Amal Alamuddin leave the seven-star hotel Aman Canal Grande Venice in Venice September 28, 2014.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney’s marriage is accused on the rocks ~ the latter uncovered out the her husband has actually a mystery love child.

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According to nationwide Enquirer, Amal to be shocked to find out that George impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Stacy Keibler around the exact same time the they began dating.

An unnamed resource told the tabloid the an anonymous letter arrived at the couple’s residence in Lake Como. And also the letter states that George should undergo a DNA test to identify his genuine relationship with Keibler’s 5-year-old daughter, Ava.

The insider claimed that Amal was in shock after analysis the letter. And the person rights activist allegedly challenged George about his alleged baby girl prior to leaving their home with your twins.

According to the source, George tried his ideal to define his version of events with Amal. After all, the Ocean’s Eleven actor knows because that a fact that he didn’t sleep through Keibler shortly before they split.

And George is also insistent the he didn’t hook up v Keibler while he was already dating Amal. However, Amal is tho heartbroken end the situation, and she wants George to take the DNA check to prove that he’s no Ava’s father.

According come the insider, George’s paternity scandal journey an even bigger wedge in between him and also his wife. After ~ all, the Clooneys have allegedly been having troubles in their marriage.

The insider also claimed the the Clooneys it seems ~ to be destined for a lifetime of drama. And this is allegedly the factor why your close friends are persuaded that Amal would eventually walk out on her marital relationship to George.

However, one need to take the claims made through the tabloid v a grain of salt. George isn’t the dad of Keibler’s daughter, Ava. Rather, Jared Pobre is Ava’s dad.

Since George isn’t the dad of Keibler’s daughter, there’s no reason for the actor to take it a DNA test. In fact, that hasn’t been asked for to take it one because he has actually no connection with Keibler’s child.

George and Keibler’s relationship has actually long been over prior to the actor started dating Amal. And also despite claims that the Clooneys’ marriage is ~ above the rocks, there haven’t been any kind of concrete piece of evidence that deserve to confirm that this is the case.

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George and Amal have actually been together because 2014. And also during their separate interviews, lock can’t aid but gush every other. George formerly said that he’s willing to offer up his life because that Amal because that’s exactly how much the loves her.