The NBC sitcom The truth of Life struggle the airwaves in 1979. Special life in ~ an all-girls’ boarding school, the show cut down ~ above the cast in the second season to emphasis on 4 main characters: Blair (Lisa Whelchel), Jo (Nancy McKeon), Natalie (Mindy Cohn), and also Tootie (Kim Fields), all under the watchful eye of home mother Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae).

Later in the comedy’s tenure, an aspiring young actor joined the cast. Now thought about one that today’s sexy celebrities, he apparently didn’t do a substantial impression on Whelchel.

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Lisa Whelchel and also George Clooney that ‘The truth of Life’ | Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU photograph Bank

George Clooney made his ‘Facts of Life’ debut in season 7

Playing handyman George Burnett, Clooney debuted ~ above The facts of Life in 1985 and also appeared in 17 episodes. Working through Rae do a lasting affect on the actor, wherein he later commented on she welcoming spirit.

“You were together an incredible pressure in an early part of my career,” Clooney said 2016 in a video clip on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. “You to be funny and also kind and also made a an extremely young, not very skilled actor feel really much in ~ home. … ns couldn’t be much more thankful for all the goodness you verified a young, not an extremely bright actor.”

Clooney recalled Rae’s feeling of humor, informing a story of just how she would certainly crack him increase on set.

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“I remember in ~ one point you were always looking for something funny come do,” the Oceans 11 star explained of Rae, who passed away in 2018. “I to be standing top top the collection watching you, and you were simply walking roughly the set and you picked up a banana and you walked approximately in a circle approximately all the furniture through the banana in her hand and finally everybody was watching you, friend looked over and said, ‘George, what have the right to I perform funny with a banana?’ us laughed because that a long, long time.”

Shared smooch native superstar slipped Lisa Whelchel’s mental

Looking ago on her favourite episodes practically 40 year after The truth of Life premiered, Whelchel admitted the one scene that have to top her perform was the one she couldn’t recall.

“There were certainly lots the favorites,” Whelchel told Today. “I would certainly say that the episode wherein I acquired to kiss George Clooney would have been a favorite – other than that ns didn’t also remember the I had actually done that till years later.”

After seeing proof top top film, Whelchel tho couldn’t draw many memories native the vault peck through Clooney. The facts of Life alum detailed that the wasn’t taken into consideration an A-lister once they common their smooch.

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“Somebody showed me a clip the it,” Whelchel explained. “And ns thought, ‘How in the world could I have forgotten that?’ But earlier then that wasn’t George Clooney. The was simply George.”

Whelchel included that her lack of recall had actually nothing to execute with Clooney’s lip-locking talents.

“I nothing think that’s a commentary on him together a kisser, as much as a commentary on the reality that I’ve had actually three kids,” she said, follow to the new York Post. “They speak the memory leaves through the placenta.”

Focus top top ‘friendships’ keeps ‘Facts that Life’ popular

Whelchel also described the Gravity star as somewhat of an larger sibling come the cast during his stint on the series.

“It to be fun having actually George Clooney on the show,” she raved. “He was very, just fun, and also it was nice some testosterone after six years of, at that point, simply estrogen. That was favor a huge brother come everybody.”

With the sitcom quiet beloved by loyal fans, Whelchel deadline The facts of Life’s ongoing popularity to its foundation of friendships and camaraderie.

“It’s relationship – it’s friendships; it’s things that girl go with as they’re cultivation up,” she said. “And no issue what generation you’re in, you’re walk to be going through the exact same things. And also you’re walk to want that very same kind that relationships.”