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family tree of George Clooney Movie Actor

Who is George Clooney?

George Clooney is one American movie actor. Together of 2012, he has received a number of Academy award nominations and also has winner two. The won best Actor in a Supporting function for Syriana in 2005, and also Best picture as a producer for Argo in 2012.

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George Clooney was born in 1961 come Nicholas Clooney and also Nina Warren. His father Nick Clooney was a previous television journalist, anchorman, and also game present host. Nick Clooney might be finest remembered as the co-host, along with Bob Dorian, the cable channel American Movie Classics throughout the 1990s.

Famous Kin

In enhancement to his dad Nick Clooney, the closestly of George Clooney"s renowned kin would certainly be singer and movie actress Rosemary Clooney that was his father"s sister. Rosemary married Puerto Rican gibbs José Ferrer. Two of your children, very first cousins the George Clooney, room actors Miguel and also Rafael Ferrer.

Undoubtedly the most famed of George Clooney"s kin would certainly be chairman Abraham Lincoln. George Clooney is a descendant that Lincoln"s maternal granny Lucy and also depending on which side of the Lincoln-Hanks conflict you autumn on, George is probably additionally related come a variety of other well known kin consisting of the outlaw Jesse James, mutiny ~ above the Bounty leader Fletcher Christian, signer the the declaration of freedom Benjamin Harrison V, and a number of U.S. Presidents.


One the George Clooney"s 7th great-grandmothers is buy it Woodson who married thomas Shores in Virginia around 1754. Some of the genealogies uncovered online insurance claim that buy it is the daughter that Sanburne Woodson who an initial married Elizabeth Hughes and 2nd Charity ______. But I have discovered no evidence to assistance this case other than it shows up that Sanburne Woodson did have actually a daughter called Sarah who would be about the right age. If evidence can be discovered that buy it is the daughter that Sanburne Woodson, this would open up a brand-new connection for George Clooney to a variety of other famous kin including first lady Dolley Madison and also the outlaw Jesse James.

False Claims

Many that the genealogies published on the internet incorporate George Clooney"s great-grandmother Nora Edwards, wife of Ansel Leroy “Roy” Edwards. Numerous of this genealogies list Nora together the daughter the James Zachary. This is incorrect as Nora is actually the daughter of Cicero and Martha woman (Wilburn) Perkins. The Nora that was the daughter the James Zachary to be married come Elmer Edwards.

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There space a number of coincidences about the two Nora Edwards that I believe are the factor for the confusion. These are explained in the family members group page for Nora Bell Perkins on priziv.org.