Maya Santamaria, the previous owner of the El Nuevo Rodeo Club, states she rental both men to job-related security last year

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Former MPD officer Derek Chauvin (left) and George Floyd (right), the man he and three other policemen challenge trials for killing. (Twitter/Ben Crump Law)

It seems that George Floyd and also the officer responsible for his death, Derek Chauvin, worked together all of last year.

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However, that is unclear whether or no the 2 knew every other throughout their mutual employment.

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Maya Santamaria, the previous owner of the El Nuevo Rodeo Club, states that she to know both males at the center of Minneapolis’ current protests. How? She rental them both in ~ her society in 2019, however she cannot recall if the 2 actually knew every other, according to KSTP-TB, an ABC neighborhood affiliate.

“Chauvin to be our off-duty police for nearly the entirety of the 17 years that us were open,” states Santamaria. “They to be working with each other at the exact same time, it’s simply that Chauvin worked outside and also the defense guards were inside.”

George Floyd as Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin assaulting that (Family photograph from Ben Crump and also Screenshot from incident)

She go on to say the she rental the deceased in 2019 and that his employed was stable for the whole of the year but doubts the the two ever before met. She common this belief with the Star Tribune.

“If lock would have actually crossed routes it would probably not have been something lock remembered.”

But City board of directors member Andrea Jenkins, like countless others, tested the idea that Floyd and also Chauvin did not recognize each other, telling MSNBC:

“It is really exciting that right throughout the street from wherein Ally is standing, is a restaurant dubbed El Nuevo Rodeo. George Floyd operated at the restaurant. Therefore did Officer Chauvin,” Jenkins said.

“They to be both bouncers at that restaurant for 17 years. So, Officer Chauvin, that knew George. They to be co-workers for a an extremely long time.”

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While Jenkins, that is the vice chairman of the Minneapolis City Council, is ideal that both Floyd and also Chauvin functioned security because that the establishment all of 2019, Floyd walk not work-related at El Nuevo Rodeo in the early on 2000s.

At the time, Floyd was a rapper in Texas creating mixtapes with popular Hip-Hop Chop-N-Screw personality, DJ Screw, and also had only moved to the twin City 2 years ago.

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George Floyd was arrested because that allegedly trying to use a counterfeit $10 bill. Throughout his arrest, a video captured Chauvin making use of an illegal chokehold, his knee in his neck, to pen him to the grown because that at least eight minutes. The act resulted in Floyd’s death.

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