GEORGE Floyd and the cop who kneeled ~ above his neck before he passed away previously functioned together, a former club owner has said.

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Floyd's death has sparked violent protests in the city that Minneapolis and also has caused the sacking that policeman Derek Chauvin.


George Floyd died on Monday night after ~ a cop kneeled ~ above his neck if he to be being arrestedCredit: AFP or licensors

The 2 men functioned together as protection guards at a club in the city, according to the previous owner that the venueCredit: Google Maps

Now, according to the ex-owner that the city's El Nuevo Rodeo club, both men were employed as security at the venue in ~ the same time.

Maya Santamaria, who freshly sold the club, said KSTP-TV: “Chauvin was our off-duty police for virtually the whole of the 17 years that us were open.”

She revealed that Floyd functioned inside the venue as a security guard if the police officer functioned off-duty outside the club.

It comes as:

Maya admits she walk not recognize if the pair knew each various other as the organization employed two dozen security guards – however there would have actually been occasions where they functioning on the very same night, she says.

She cases Chauvin would often overreact and also use pepper spray ~ above people, speak "he had actually a real brief fuse and also he appeared afraid.”

“When there was an altercation he always resorted come pulling the end his mace and also pepper spraying everybody ideal away, even if ns felt it was unwarranted,” Maya said.

The former service owner states Monday's incident can maybe have actually been defused if the pair recognised every other.

She said: “What if he could’ve just said 'Hey, man, you and also I functioned together at Maya’s place. Mental me?'”

Maya Santamaria claims Chauvin had actually a 'short fuse' and would frequently pepper spray people

Floyd moved to the city native from Houston, Texas in 2014 after ~ serving 5 years in jail for residence invasion, reports the Chicago Tribune.

According come friends, Floyd had started to rotate his life roughly in Minneapolis.

A video has emerged of the father-of-two encouraging young people to placed an finish to pistol violence, saying: “It’s plainly the generation after united state that’s for this reason lost, man," before adding “come home.”

His lifelong friend Christopher Harris told the Atlanta journal Constitution the his pal was looking front to a “new beginning” in Minneapolis.

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He said: “He was looking to start over fresh, a brand-new beginning. He to be happy v the change he was making.”

Monday's psychic footage verified Chauvin kneeling ~ above Floyd's neck together he to be being arrested because that allegedly utilizing a fake $20 bill in a surrounding shop.