Amid the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, that is accused that murdering George Floyd, former democratic congressional candidate Regina Marston speculated that there is a reason the accused allegedly took the deceased"s life.

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"My bet is there to be something poor going on at the nightclub lock both operated at," she tweeted top top Tuesday.

As report by CBS Local, the pair both functioned at El Nuevo Rodeo club in Minneapolis as freshly as 2019. However, the establishment"s former owner, Maya Santamaria, said she wasn"t sure if the pair knew every other.

One Man declared The Pair Knew Each other "Very Well" before Retracting His Statement

Contrary to Santamaria"s claim, one man said that Chauvin and also Floyd knew each various other "very well."

As report by CBS News, David Pinney, who likewise worked at the very same club, previously asserted that Floyd and also Chauvin knew each various other "very well" and bumped heads. Yet Pinney later walked ago his claims and also suggested he combined up Floyd with one more worker.

"There has been a mix up in between George and also another fellow co-worker."

As detailed by the publication, Santamaria connected Pinney v the network, and he asserted her comments around Floyd to be the factor for his mistake.

"She specifically stated she to be unable to give detail information around George because she walk not have a close connection with him as I did," that explained.

Marston Speculated the The event Is attached To drug Sales at The Club


Gettyimages | Mario Tama

Marston speculated that drug sales in ~ the nightclub were the reason of Floyd and also Chauvin"s deadly communication and additionally suggested that the Minneapolis Police room could likewise be involved.

"Chauvin murdered Floyd for a reason. Will they connect the dots? more than likely not. It involves too many policemen. Perhaps the entire department," she wrote.

Despite the speculation, over there is no evidence that argues Chauvin had reason to murder Floyd, or that the pair were involved in any type of kind the drug operation at the Nuevo Rodeo club.

Chauvin & Floyd"s Pasts have Come Under Scrutiny

Both Chauvin and also Floyd"s pasts have actually come under scrutiny because latter"s death. As reported through NPR, Santamaria claimed that Chauvin had actually a "real brief fuse" and also was prone to pulling out pepper spray and mace at times she thought were unnecessary.

Chauvin was likewise previously associated in the 2006 killing of Wayne Reyes in addition to five other officers

Per associated Press, Floyd struggled through drug addiction and had fentanyl in his system when he died — a allude Chauvin"s defense has underlined to suggest he died from a drug overdose.

Chauvin"s attempt Is at this time Underway

The speculation about Floyd"s fatality comes together Chauvin faces trial for his alleged crimes.

As The reported, a nine-year-old witness on Tuesday declared that the paramedics had to press Chauvin off of Floyd.

Another witness, Darnella, claimed that Chauvin still had his knee on the victim"s neck when the medics came down on the scene. Elsewhere, she said that the police police officers at the scene refused to examine Floyd"s pulse at the request of firefighter Genevieve Hansen.

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Per Mediaite, Chauvin"s defense suggested on Tuesday that the bystanders to be distracting the police officers and also preventing them native doing their jobs effectively.

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