The late former president George H.W. Bush’s last flights ~ above Air pressure One will certainly be referred to as “Special Mission 41,” Bush’s spokesman said Sunday.

by tradition, the aircraft is only called Air pressure One when the chairman is ~ above board. Chairman Donald Trump will not be travel on the aircraft, therefore the plane has to be redesignated and also renamed come honor bush this week.

“Air force One has arrived in Houston because that what will certainly technically be called ‘Special wait Mission 41’ tomorrow and also Wednesday. A beautiful day in Texas – ‘ceiling and also visibility unlimited,’ Mr. President,” Jim McGrath tweeted.

The “ceiling and also visibility unlimited” expression is from Bush’s time in the Navy. Bush had a plaque through the acronym “CAVU” an installed on the wall of his residence in Kennebunkport, Maine. In 2001, he created a letter come his children, that reads, “C-A-V-U was the sort of weather we Navy pilots wanted as soon as we were to fly off our transport in the Pacific – ‘Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited.’”

when Bush’s family and also friends mutual the news of his fatality at the age of 94 ~ above Friday, they offered the code word “CAVU.”

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Flying with the body of the former president will certainly be members that the bush family, including his sons former President George W. Bush and also Neil Bush, and also many of your grandchildren, according to a resource familiar through the plans. Over there will also be close household friends ~ above the flight, including former Secretary that State James Baker and also Bush’s closest employee members, consisting of his cook of staff, Jean Becker.

There will certainly be a leave ceremony in ~ Ellington field Joint Reserve basic in Houston and also at the come ceremony in ~ Joint base Andrews in Maryland.

~ above Monday, Bush’s body will be transported come Washington, DC, where he will lie in state in the us Capitol rotunda until Wednesday morning, as soon as there will certainly be a memorial company at Washington nationwide Cathedral. The previous president will certainly be flown ago to Houston later Wednesday top top the same airplane that brought the family to the nation’s capital for the final “Special air Mission 41” flight.

bush will be laid to rest Thursday afternoon in ~ the George H.W.

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Shrub Presidential Library in college Station, Texas, whereby his wife, Barbara Bush, and daughter Robin, who passed away of leukemia as a child, room buried.