l>The Columbia river - Joseph State natural Area, Oregon
Lewis & Clark"s Columbia flow - "200 year Later""George W. Joseph State natural Area, Oregon"
Includes ... George W. Joseph State natural Area ... Latourell drops ...
Click picture to enlargeParking at man W. Talbot State Park, Latourell Falls, Oregon, feather east.

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Image taken March 3, 2013.
George W. Joseph State organic Area ...
In 1934, the heirs of George W. Joseph, offered the State the Oregon property for a park on the upper component of Latourell Creek, a point out today recognized as the George W. Joseph State natural Area. Access to the area is the trail indigenous the man W. Talbot State Park. A trail leads from the parking lot come the top of Latourell Falls. Past this suggest the State herbal Area begins. The trail proceeds to top Latourell Falls.
George W. Joseph State Park in 1946 ...
GEORGE W. JOSEPH STATE PARK"The George W. Joseph State Park adjoins the southern side that Talbot Park. The is comprised of two separately deeded fourty acre tracts, desccribed as being in ar 32, Township 1 phibìc of selection 5 East, W.M. In Multnomah County. Both tracts were gifts to the State of Oregon through Bertha L. Joseph and also George W. Joseph, her son, by deeds date September 11, 1934 and also June 23, 1942. Title clearance come the later on deed tract was by Sheriff"s deed from Multnomah County, date August 10, 1945.These tracts are likewise located top top Latourell Creek and also have a beautiful twin waterfall, located approximately three quarters of a mile increase stream from the head that the Talbot Park falls, and easily got to by a great trail that ascends the eastern side the the stream.While there room no improvements in this park area, various other than the foot trail, in conjuction through Talbot Park and also the Crown point Loops, there is created a solitary administrative unit, which in combination has all the natural attributes of a very attractive state park area, much less than one hour of steering time from Portland"s organization center."Signed:W.A. Langille, State Parks Historian.RECOMMENDATIONS:"This component should be retained in that wilderness state, it gift a match to Talbot Park. Just the upkeep the the trails should be considered."Signed:S.H. Boardman, State Parks Superintendent, march 25, 1946.Source:W.A. Langille and S.H. Boardman, 1946, State Parks historical Sketches: Columbia alleyways State Parks, courtesy ofOregon State Archives website, 2014.
Click photo to enlargeLatourell Falls, guy W. Talbot State Park, Oregon. image taken in march 22, 2009.
From the newspaper of Lewis and also Clark ...

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Clark, November 2, 1805 ...
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*River mile space approximate, in statute miles, and also were determined from USGS topo maps, acquired from NOAA nautical charts, or obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of designers website, 2003Sources: see Latourell Falls:Plus:Langille, W.A., and also Boardman, S.H., 1946, State Parks historic Sketches: Columbia canyon State Parks, courtesy ofOregon State Archives website, 2014;All Lewis and Clark quote from Gary Moulton version of the Lewis and Clark Journals, college of Nebraska Press, all attempts have actually been made to form the quotations specifically as in the Moulton editions, however typing errors introduced by this web writer cannot be ruled out; place interpretation from variety of sources, consisting of this website author.
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