George Lopez has been gearing up because that the launch later this week of his brand-new FX comedy “Saint George,” i m sorry is around a successful entrepreneur grappling v a messy an individual and family members life. The series stands out together a an individual touchstone for the 52-year-old comedian, whose résumé contains a groundbreaking network sitcom, a i know well late-night cable speak show and sold-out arena performances.

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But a not-so-funny thing occurred on the method to Thursday’s premiere.

Lopez was arrested on apprehension of publicly intoxication so late last mainly after a performance at caesars Windsor Hotel and also Casino in Windsor, Ontario. A cellphone photograph of Lopez passed out on the casino floor popped increase on the website TMZ and also numerous blogs. Lopez later said in a statement the he had “tied one on…. I was trying come sleep the off, regrettably it was on the casino floor.”

Despite the blast that unfavorable publicity, Lopez elaborated top top the incident additional this week.

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“‘Saint George’ could not it is in the particularly right title for me, however you don’t become a saint till you obtain to the finish of the road,” said Lopez during a phone interview Monday. “There is still hope for me top top the way to sainthood. But I have the right to safely to speak that roadway is filled v tremendous potholes, and also I dropped into one last Thursday. If I had posed because that a picture, I could have choose a far better pose.”

Though quick to make funny of himself, Lopez believes the recent occasion may it is in life-changing. Return his observational humor spiced v Latino flavor has actually propelled him right into comedy’s top ranks, he acknowledges that has had actually his personal struggles, including with alcohol.

“In my private life, I’m not perfect,” said Lopez. “I never have actually been. I have talked around it for years. But it’s safe to say the old George on the floor on the casino will end up being the new George that will begin to produce a much better life. The is the way to finest serve myself while no hurting those that love me.”

Ironically, the event may find its method into the people of his brand-new television character, that is also at a personal and professional crossroads. The FX display is his an initial regular tv gig since the cancellation that “Lopez Tonight,” the party-fueled TBS late night talk show he held for 2 years.

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Like his “Saint George” character, Lopez is handling divorce. After 17 years of marriage, Lopez split from mam Ann Serrano in 2010. The breakup came five years after Serrano donated among her kidney to Lopez, who experienced from a congenital disorder that brought about his kidneys to fail.

Today, Lopez said he and also his ex-wife, who have actually an 18-year-old daughter preparing to attend college, room in a “good place.”

“There is a lot of honesty in the funny that the show,” said Lopez, explicate himself together a solitary human being who still feels comfortable in the company of entertainers.

In “Saint George,” Lopez’s character is grappling with a break-up from his “WASPy” American” wife Mackenzie (Jenn Lyon) while also building a stronger partnership with your nerdy son, Harper (Kaden Gibson). In the show, Lopez lives with his domineering mother, Alma (Olga Merediz), who feels that her son deserve to do naught right, particularly when it concerns women.

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“This is a male who’s do the efforts to find his method after divorce, through women, with family members,” Lopez said. “It’s a lot about what i’m going through.”

It’s a dramatic about-face indigenous ABC’s tamer family-friendly present “George Lopez,” which ran native 2002 to 2007 and also is currently enjoying a successful afterlife in repeats ~ above “Nick in ~ Nite.” the sitcom was a rarity: a major-network series revolving roughly a two-parent ethnic family.

As ~ above “George Lopez,” the comedian is a key creative force behind the scenes. The co-created “Saint George” and is among the executive producers. One of his collaborators, Matt Williams, an executive, management producer of “Saint George” together with his partner David McFadzean, claimed Lopez is exposed even more in the new show.

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“He’s gained a couple of more battle scars,” said Williams, the head the Wind Dancer Films. “The other present had a spirit of exuberance as well as a level of naiveté. Yet here, George is truly a male caught in between two worlds. He’s taking care of painful issues in a an extremely funny way.”

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The comedy will be paired with the Charlie Sheen vehicle “Anger Management.” Both mirrors are produced by Debmar-Mercury, the agency behind syndicated fare such together “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Like “Anger Management,” “Saint George” is proceeding under the so-called 10/90 formula. The market term way that if the an initial 10 illustration of perform well, the network is climate obligated to order 90 more. (The plan will do it less complicated to offer shows into syndication.)

The network believes the two mirrors will match each other well, even though ratings have actually been really modest lately for Sheen’s program.

“Both these reflects have household elements,” claimed Chuck Saftler, FX Networks president of programming strategy. “They are men trying come forge new identities ~ setbacks. Castle both traditional multi-camera sitcoms and also they have an extremely distinctive views of the world.”

Lopez stated he is confident that the attention surrounding his misstep no overshadow “Saint George.”

“I’m taking responsibility for what happened,” said Lopez. “I’m moving forward.”



‘Saint George’

Where: FX

When: 9 p.m. Thursday


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