The mischievous use of pixellation provided some viewers the false impression that a video clip showed Lopez relieving self on the president"s piece of pavement.

Published13 July 2018

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A viral video shows George Lopez urinating on chairman Donald Trump"s star on the Hollywood walk of fame in July 2018.

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The presidency and policies the Donald Trump created a variety of protests and outbursts through Hollywood celebrities in 2017 and 2018 which tested the role of civility, great taste, and decorum in political speech. 

In may 2017, comedian Kathy Griffin apologized after posing for a picture shoot in i m sorry she symbolically brandished a fake, bloody, severed head made to look choose that of the 45th President. 

At the Tony Awards in June 2018, actor Robert DeNiro got a was standing ovation because that a quick speech in i m sorry he twice exclaimed, “Fuck Trump.” 

The complying with month, videos arised which showed up to display comedian George Lopez urinating ~ above Donald Trump’s star at the Hollywood walk of call in Los Angeles, California. One widely-shared clip, post by the “” Facebook web page on 11 July, blurred out parts of Lopez’s midriff, providing the impression that the comedian was exposing self while symbolically urinating on the president’s section of pavement ~ above Hollywood Boulevard. 

The video clip came v the caption, “George Lopez Urinates on Trump’s Star in Hollywood”:

In reality, Lopez was not actually urinating top top Trump’s Hollywood star, although the blurring in this particular video offered that clear impression. 

The original footage was an initial published through the celebrity gossip internet site TMZ. In the absence of any type of pixellation, that can clearly be viewed that Lopez to be in truth using a little bottle the water to mimic urinating as part of a prank:

This fact didn’t stop TMZ from later manufacturing some mischievous pass out of that is own around what precisely Lopez to be holding in his hands. In a later Twitter video, TMZ additionally pixellated that area the Lopez’s body, hiding the fact that he was actually only using a party of water, while additionally creating the misleading (but sensationalist) impression the he was, in fact, in full micturation:

George Lopez renders a mess anywhere Trump’s Hollywood star!