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Assembly-line worker and family guy is supported to regulate an airplane parts factory in Los Angeles. George is plainly devoted come his wife, Angie, and their children, Max and Carmen, yet his live-in, insensitive, an overwhelming mother renders things complicated.

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George Lopez

Comedy • 6 periods • 120 episodes • TV-PG • TV collection • 2002

Watch George Lopez, a comedy about assembly-line worker and also family male George (George Lopez). George is clearly devoted to his wife, Angie (Constance Marie), and their children, Max and also Carmen, but his live-in, insensitive and also overbearing mom (Belita Moreno) provides things complicated.

Starring: George Lopez, Constance Marie, luis Armand Garcia, Valente Rodriguez, Belita Moreno, Masiela Lusha, Emiliano Díez, Jack Blessing, Aimee GarciaCreators: Bruce Helford, George Lopez, Robert BordenExecutive Producers: Sandra Bullock, George Lopez, Robert Borden, Bruce Helford, Deborah Oppenheimer, Jim Hope, Paul A. Kaplan, note TorgoveProducers: open minded Pace, rick Nyholm, Mea Ybarra, Luisa Leschin, man R Morey

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