top filmmaker, George Lucas, is finest known for creating the Star wars franchise and also co-creating the Indiana Jones franchise.

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george lucas through mickey mouse and also lightsabers
above filmmaker, George Lucas, is best known for creating the Star Wars franchise and co-creating the Indiana Jones franchise. Lucas’s excellent vision and business savvy aided make that a billionaire. Indeed, Lucas built realm and amassed a report $5.4 billion net worth.

George Lucas is just one of the wealthiest celebrities alive. His standard films transcend time. Because that instance, Star Wars is a social phenomenon that’ll outlive Lucas and the original cast. Lucas has additionally been in ~ the head of cutting-edge technology and special effects.

In 2012, George Lucas determined it was time come retire - he hung up his lightsaber. Lucas offered Lucasfilm come Walt Disney Studios and became an extraordinarily rich person. The course, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, "How walk he invest his money"?

George Lucas spends a tiny bit the his happiness on himself. However, that mostly provides it away. Of course, he invests, too. It’s time to take a closer look in ~ Lucas and also his empire. Here’s just how George Lucas spends His report $5.4 Billion network Worth.

14 the Sold LucasFilm come Disney because that $4 Billion

George Lucas spent years building an significant empire. However, he eventually felt it was time come retire. In 2012, Lucas offered his company, Lucasfilm, come Disney - for a whopping $4 billion. Lucas additionally receives royalties for all the Star Wars saga merchandise and Indiana Jones merchandise. At the moment of the sale, Lucas announced that many of the money would be going to charity.

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13 Lucas Purchased 2 Beachfront houses Next To every Other

George Lucas and his family members have lived in a lengthy list of outstanding homes. In 2010, Lucas to buy a $19.5 million beachfront building on Padaro lane in Carpinteria, California. In 2019, Lucas to buy the property following door for $28 million, turning the two properties into one compound, special a barn, treehouse, and also guesthouse.

12 The George Lucas family Foundation

Rich and famous George Lucas is never one to ago down native a challenge. In 2010, billionaires, Warren Buffet and also Bill Gates, tested other wealthy individuals to contribute to charities. Lucas embraced the difficulty and has currently donated half of his fortune. Eventually, he developed the George Lucas Family foundation and had an sweetheart of more than $1 billion.

11 Lucas and His family Lived In Bette Midler’s ahead Home

George Lucas owns number of properties - he has actually beautiful houses all end the world. In 2008, Lucas and also his family members moved right into Bette Midler’s former home in Hollywood, California. In 2010, Lucas and his family members moved out, yet the worth of the house went up. In 2019, the home went ago on the sector for an asking price of $4.3 million.

10 Donated floor To create Imagination Park

mountain Anselmo, California, has a special ar in George Lucas’s heart. Indeed, Lucas developed Star Wars and Indiana Jones after relocating to san Anselmo in 1973. In 2012, Lucas donated land come the city, which ended up being the 8,700-square-foot imagination Park. The park functions statues that Lucas’ top characters, Yoda and also Indiana Jones.

9 Donates To numerous Charities, consisting of The movie Foundation, Stand approximately Cancer, and also The Make-A-Wish Foundation

as noted, George Lucas joined bill Gates and Warren Buffet by agree the giving Pledge challenge. These billionaires promise to provide away fifty percent (or more) of their fortunes come charity. Lucas is well-known for his charity work. He help the film market by donating come the movie Foundation. He likewise donates come the Make-a-Wish foundation and Stand as much as Cancer.

8 Donated $175 Million come His Alma Mater, USC

George Lucas consistently donates to movie schools and helps foster brand-new talent in the industry. In 1991, Lucas produced the George Lucas Education foundation and began giving out numerous grants. He likewise helps the end young talent that requirements a break. Lucas donated $175 million come his alma mater, the college of southern California movie School.

7 purchase a $33.9 Million Mansion In Bel-Air

George Lucas and his family moved roughly from house to home. However, yes sir a good chance they’ve cleared up down. In 2017, Lucas to buy a $33.9 million mansion in Bel-Air. The 8,932-square-foot home is recognized as “Mi Patria.” The stunning estate functions a gourmet eat-in kitchen, library, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a courtyard, and also tropical gardens.

6 Donated $1 Million To help Build The boy name Luther King Jr. National Memorial

Many reasons are far-reaching to George Lucas. The cares around helping the less fortunate but also cares around remembering the past. In 2005, Lucas donated $1 million to help build the young name Luther King Jr. Memorial. The memorial covers four acres next to the national Mall in Washington, D.C. It honors the civil legal rights leader and also features the stone of Hope.

5 The Skywalker Ranch

In 1978, George Lucas began building Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California. Lucas invested $100 million to develop the property, which includes a technical building featuring modifying rooms, a 300-seat theatre, and screening rooms. It likewise consists that a 50,000 square foot home, library, swimming pool, barn, movie theatre, and fire brigade. However, Lucas does no live in ~ the ranch - that only uses it for work.

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4 due to the fact that Retiring, He Focuses On speculative Movies

George Lucas is well-known for producing two that the most commercially effective franchises. Indeed, Lucas spent years creating big-budget movies v groundbreaking distinct effects. His movies took audiences everywhere the world...and galaxy. However, due to the fact that retiring, Lucas is focusing on his passion for experimental cinema. The spends all his time in the garage, functioning on his hobbies.

3 Tried building Lower Income residences In among The Richest components Of America

at one point, George Lucas had plans to expand Lucasfilm ~ above his Grady Ranch residential or commercial property in Marin County, California. However, the inhabitants protested the expansion. Marin County is just one of the wealthiest parts of America. In 2012, Lucas decided to rotate the land into affordable housing. That course, residents additionally opposed that decision. Lucas and the residents continued to battle over the residential property for numerous years.

2 In 2015, the Donated $64 Million To over 200 Organizations

After marketing Lucasfilm come Disney, George Lucas promised that many of the money would certainly be going to charity and he kept his word. In 2015, Lucas donated $64 million to over 200 miscellaneous organizations. He gave to numerous museums and various wildlife initiatives. Lucas likewise donated to multiple programs providing assistance come inner-city youth.

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1 structure The $1 billion Non-Profit Lucas Museum Of rigid Art

In 2017, George Lucas announced the creation of the $1 billion non-profit Lucas Museum of Narrative art in Exposition Park, Los Angeles. Lucas additionally included a $400 million endowment for the significant museum.

it will attribute Lucas’s personal art collection, screening rooms, a totally free public library, and a Star Wars exhibit. Also, the building and construction of the structure created 1,400 jobs. The 300,000 square foot museum tentatively opens to the public in 2021.

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