The drops Church City college Board voted to pick a brand-new name because that the city high college in an answer to George Mason owning enslaved people.

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Mark Hand, job Staff

The falls Church City school Board voted to adjust the name to Meridian High School since the city of drops Church is ~ above the original 1791 meridian delineating the line between Washington, D.C., and also Virginia. (Emily Leayman/

FALLS CHURCH, VA — The drops Church City school Board voted Tuesday to adjust the name of George Mason High college to Meridian High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary come Oak Street Elementary.

The plank members claimed they supported changing the name to Meridian High School due to the fact that the city of drops Church is on the original 1791 meridian delineating the line in between Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

The school board also said words "meridian" recognizes the school"s long history of educating an international citizens v the global Baccalaureate Programme.

The plank selected Oak Street Elementary due to the fact that it is the school"s original name, evokes a sense of place and also recognizes just how trees are important natural facets of drops Church.

The brand-new names will be reliable July 1.

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The decision complies with a 10-month decision-making process. The first stage of the procedure was a six-month reconsideration of the schools" names based upon the school division"s plans on equity and inclusion. The 2 schools, under their present names, honor establishing Fathers that owned enslaved people.

Last December, the drops Church City school Board vote unanimously to change both names and designated Superintendent Peter Noonan to kind two advisory examine committees to recommend 5 names for each school.

The committees included ar members, staff, alumni and also students.

On Tuesday, the plank unanimously selected Oak Street Elementary. The finalists for the brand-new name of thomas Jefferson Elementary college were Mattie Gundry elementary school School, Oak Street elementary School, The tiny City primary school School, Tripps run Elementary School, and Truth and Justice elementary school School.

The last candidates because that the brand-new name that George Mason High school were Tinner Hill High School, Meridian High School, urban High School, Metro watch High School and West end High School.

The board members voted 5-2 to readjust the surname of George Mason High school to Meridian High School. Plank members Edwin B. Henderson II and also Philip Reitinger voted against transforming the name to Meridian High School.

During Tuesday"s discussion, Henderson, who sustained picking Tinner Hill High institution as the new name, said he received an e-mail from a residents who also supported the Tinner Hill name.

The human being wrote the Tinner Hill would pay tribute to world who stood approximately segregation in falls Church and also the surrounding area, Henderson said. And transforming the name to Tinner Hill would certainly be in line through the reason that motivated the decision to readjust the name of the institution away from someone that owned enslaved people.

The Tinner Hill area of drops Church has been known as being the location where the an initial rural branch that the national Association because that the breakthrough of Colored people in the unified States.

"The Tinner and also Henderson households were crucial in shaping the falls Church City we understand today, consisting of their initiatives to desegregate ours schools," the an option committee claimed in the justification for including Tinner Hill High school as one of the 5 finalists. "They stand for the form of forward-thinking public involvement us hope our students will emulate. Tinner Hill High college will incorporate city history and diversity."

Board member Philip Reitinger, who wanted the name West falls Church High School, stated he to be opposed to naming the school Tinner Hill due to the fact that the institution is not located in the Tinner Hill area of falls Church. He additionally said he assumed Meridian sounded also generic.

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Elisabeth Snyder, the student representative ~ above the school board, claimed the height two choices among students and staff in ~ George Mason High school were Meridian and a derivative of West falls Church.