GEORGE Michael's previous lover has asserted the singer to be HIV positive and also "never created his own music" in a bizarre Twitter rant today.

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Former barber Fadi Fawaz, 46, made a variety of shocking and also unsubstantiated claims against his ex-lover, which triggered a furious reaction indigenous George's fans.



George Michael"s former lover Fadi Fawaz arrested after accused rampaging throughout the roof of popular music star’s £5m London home

Fawaz, who was no left anything in The Wham singer's £97.6million will complying with his December 2016 death, tweeted: "He never wrote his very own music he payment other world to do the music for him and also pretended it to be him. Not so talented after all."

He added: "Sex v him was so boring".

Troubled Fawaz additionally claimed his late lover to be HIV positive.

He complied with up the allegations v a selfie, insisting his account had actually not to be hacked and also proving it was he who was sending the tweets.

His unsubstantiated claims angered George's fans.

One wrote: "How vile to post all this ~ above a public forum of someone that you case to have loved and also is no much longer with us. Fully disrespectful!"

Another said: "You really have no shame. It's embarrassing."


One fan tweeted: "Why would you it is in so hateful to someone you claim to have actually loved, you should be awkward of yourself."

George's family have however to discuss Fawaz's outburst.

Sun Online have actually contacted his representatives for a response.

Last month Fawaz had dubbed the singer a "f****d increase icon" and also a "crack head" in a bizarre on facebook rant.

In respectable Fawaz was arrested on apprehension of criminal damages accused of shattering up the plush property close to London's Regent's Park.

He to be arrested after the was viewed standing top top the roof cram things into neighbours' gardens.

A city Police spokesman explained the damage to the home as "extensive".

Fawaz then checked in come a £49 a night Travelodge in Covent Garden.

He later on wrote on facebook that he'd end up being homeless.




Australian-born Fawaz an initial met George in 2009 and they became lovers after ~ his separation with Kenny Goss.

Fawaz discovered George, 53, dead in the bedroom that his Oxfordshire residence on Christmas day in 2016.

A coroners' inquest rule George died from natural causes brought on by heart and liver problems.

Last year it emerged the singer did no leave anything because that Fawaz in his will.

George left £97.6m and also the bulk of his estate, consisting of his houses, to sisters Yioda and also Melanie.

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Singer-songwriter George sold an ext than 80 million albums worldwide in his job making him among the best-selling artists ever.

Fawaz to be arrested critical month between allegations that smashed up components of the singer's £5million London houseCredit: Peter Jordan


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