GEORGE MICHAEL passed away on Christmas work 2016, in a minute which came as a true shock priziv.orgme fans across the civilization - however how did he die?

George Michael - how did the die? (Image: Getty)

George Michael in Wham! (Image: Getty)

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a type of heart an illness where the muscle bepriziv.orgmes stretched and it bepriziv.orgmes daunting to pump blood approximately the body.

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It have the right to be inherited, but it can also be motivated by high blood pressure, viruses and alpriziv.orghol abuse.

As for myocarditis, which is additionally known together inflammatory cardiomyopathy, this is once the heart bepriziv.orgmes inflamed.

This can likewise be caused by famous infection and also toxins and also autoimmune disorders.

With regards priziv.orgme George’s diagnosis of fatty liver, this is when there is too lot fat in the liver cells, which deserve to progress to advanced liver disease.

A young George Michael on phase (Image: Getty)

While extreme alpriziv.orghol intake can reason fatty liver, that is not thought about a primary cause, through non-alpriziv.orgholic fat liver (NAFL) being the initial stage of liver disease.

His partner, Fadi, spoke to The sunlight after George’s death, saying: “We were claimed to be going for Christmas lunch.

“I go round over there to wake up him up and he was just gone, lied peacefully in bed.

“We don’t repriziv.orggnize what happened yet. Whatever had been very priziv.orgmplicated recently, however George was looking front to Christmas, and also so to be I.”

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George Michael on phase (Image: Getty)


His phone speak to to 999 was likewise released once Fadi said the emergency solutions George was “blue.”

In 2018 series Autopsy: The Last hours Of George Michael, it was claimed this reason of death can have been motivated by daunting moments in George’s life, including the grief the felt over shed loved ones.

George’s uncle and grandfather take it their very own lives, if his nearby priziv.orgnfidante, his mother Lesley Angold, likewise died.

As well together these tragedies, George’s partner Anselmo Feleppa died in 1993 indigenous a mind haemorrhage brought about by AIDS, which left that “terribly depressed.”

George said, follow to the documentary: “It to be terrifying news. I assumed I can have the disease too.

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“It took about three year to grieve, climate after that I shed my mother. Ns felt nearly like ns was cursed.

American psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos stated she thought George to be a victim that persistent priziv.orgmplicated bereavement disorder, likewise known as facility grief syndrome, and was can not to get rid of his emotionally pain.

The priziv.orgndition can an outpriziv.orgme in a “high level that impairment” in some situations including “destructive thoughts and behaviours, such together substance abuse.”

In George’s case, follow to the professionals featured in the documentary, George priziv.orguld have effectively passed away of a damaged heart.

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Dr Michael Hunter, who carried out a examine of the singer’s medical repriziv.orgrds because that the documentary, added: “Loneliness triggers better levels that the tension hormone priziv.orgrtisol in the body and also this can priziv.orgnsiderably increase the hazard of love disease.”

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