The Game of Thrones creator doesn"t mention the upcoming publication in his latest upgrade to readers, but maybe we deserve to read between the lines.

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Though many 2000s-era bloggers have because transitioned to npriziv.orger social media platforms choose Twitter and Facebook, George R.R. Boy name is quiet blogging... Even though he never really intended to in the very first place.

His web journal has actually long been referred to as "Not a Blog," and in his latest upgrade the song of Ice and Fire author explained its journey from hoax to reality: "What I had intended as a occasional pleasure and also a method to continue to be in touch through my readers has come to be a Blog (ironically, in ~ the very same time as everyone else was abandoning their blogs because that Facebook and Twitter), complete with a feeling of obligation."

Martin continued, "And once a many stuff happens really fast, I autumn further and further behind. I am hugely behind right now, and the possibility of make the efforts to catch up is feeling significantly oppressive."

Avid pan of Martin's series A tune of Ice and Fire more than likely perk up at those lines. Is this an upgrade on the sixth book in the fantasy novel series, The Winds of Winter? Apparently... Not? i do not have anything in the blog post, in fact, walk Martin cite his development (or perhaps, lack thereof) ~ above the long-awaited novel in the collection that inspired HBO's Game of Thrones.

The last time we heard from Martin about The Winds that Winter was earlier in February, once he said he had been may be to create "hundreds and also hundreds of pages" of the novel while grounding inside during 2020. He also provided that he still had actually "hundreds more" pages to complete in 2021, and no longer wants come give certain deadlines or objectives so the fans don't reaction badly if the misses them again.



Martin has actually a many other ingredient to deal with in the meantime. In the post, boy name talks about positive to update in his other literary and TV work: "I have a five-year address HBO, to create GOT follower shows (and some non-related series, choose Roadmarks) because that both HBO and also HBO Max." He's also fully vaccinated, for this reason we can all breathe a sigh that relief about that. Unfortunately, martin adds that "I have now lost six friends since November," consisting of his long-time editor Kay McCauley. After much more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there's a lot of an excellent npriziv.orgs and also bad npriziv.orgs for everyone.

Even though Martin doesn't directly point out The Winds that Winter (perhaps because of his reluctance to offer fans specific expectations, as he described in February), the image at the height of the article looks favor a residence Stark insignia that a wolf next to their motto: "Winter is coming."

He additionally just taken place to short article this during the continuous Game that Thrones 10th anniversary that HBO is celebrating this month. Much to think about, eh...? Without obtaining their wishes too high, maybe fans should be cautiously hopeful that they'll obtain to watch Martin's version of how A track of Ice and Fire will unfold at some point in the near future.

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A representative because that Martin's publisher, Penguin arbitrarily House, tells there room no updates because that Winds of Winter.