George Strait is tho officially retirement from full-time touring, however he’s do the many of live music ultimately re-opening through agreeing to some large shows comes up in the following year. This consists of King George re-booking a couple of his ras Vegas shows initially planned because that 2020 to respectable 13th and 14th that this year. He’ll likewise be headlining both weekends of the Austin City borders Festival comes up the first two weekends of October 2021. Strait also has a date with the US financial institution Stadium in Minneapolis reserved for November 13th, and he will certainly be appearing once again at Rodeo Houston in at an early stage 2022 for their 90th Anniversary. And also for these live shows and any others the may show up on the calendar, George Strait will have a new member that his legend “Ace in the Hole” band. Together you might recall, Strait’s long-time drummer Mike Kennedy died in a auto accident in 2018. Subsequently, drummer Lonnie Wilson, who is ideal known because that playing v Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw, confidence Hill, and also others, fill in for Kennedy. Lonnie Wilson is also known together a songwriter and producer, and also has written countless charting hits. Yet now instead of Lonnie Wilson will certainly be a man some may recognize from the absent world. Bobby Jarzombek is well-known for play behind Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, and also Halford, Riot, Fates Warning, and others. And now he will be the latest main member the the Ace in the hole band. “As the newest member of Ace in the feet band, critical Saturday we played a private event in Austin, Texas and also everything was awesome!” Jarzombek said recently on social media. “I to be so happy to it is in here! really looking front to the future through George and the guys!”Though mostly recognized for rock, Bobby Jarzombek has actually played in countless country outfits as well, consisting of with Freddy Cruz and also the Noble Outlaws, and also in the Texas Jamm Band, i beg your pardon is the Ace in the Hole’s various other gig when not top top tour v George Strait. From san Antonio, Jarzombek is known throughout Strait’s house region. When Mike Kennedy passed away, Jarzombek shared, “It was always inspirational to hear Mike play with his remarkable touch and feel… and also to watch him v his unique strategy as a left handed male playing on a right handed kit.”Bobby Jarzombek is highly respected in the absent world, and even despite his technical an abilities will no be totally realized in the an ext sedated drumming of timeless country, his taste and proficiency most definitely will.

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huge TexMay 23, 2021

Q. What perform you call someone who likes to hang out through musicians?

A. A drummer.

Q. What walk it typical when drool is coming out of both corners of a drummer’s mouth?

A. The phase is level.



LuckyoldsunMay 23, 2021
11:54 am

I’d imagine Jarzombek will continue to carry out is other work. Playing through Strait is plainly now a part-time job.

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