STUNNING photos show the moments after former President George W bush was told about the 9/11 terror attacks while he to be visiting youngsters in a Florida school.

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Ahead that the 20th anniversary of the atrocity, a teacher and also student who were in a great with shrub when he to be informed about the people Trade center recalled just how the previous president's totality demeanor changed.


George bush was informed around the 9/11 strikes while at an elementary school in FloridaCredit: The U.S. National Archives

Bush had been reading in a class with 2nd graders as soon as the twin Towers to be attackedCredit: The U.S. National Archives

The former president provided an empty classroom in ~ the college to get information about the attacksCredit: The U.S. National Archives

Bush was in a second-grade classroom in ~ Emma E Booker Elementary college in Sarasota, reading with kids when his cook of staff come in and also whispered the horrific news to him.

Sandra Kay Daniels was the teacher in the class. She appeared on Today and explained the the the atmosphere in the classroom abruptly changed.

"I knew something to be wrong since that was not an alleged to happen," she said.

"The mood walk from, we're having actually a great time, he's emotionally involved with the classroom, come him leaving us, spiritually, mentally, and physically."


The previous president takes a phone call aboard Air pressure One ~ the civilization Trade center was hitCredit: The U.S. Nationwide Archives

A huge cloud of exhilaration is seen above Manhattan ~ the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacksCredit: The U.S. Nationwide Archives
Bush watches tv coverage of the attacks from his office board Air force OneCredit: The U.S. Nationwide Archives

Bush continued to be in the room analysis with students for a couple of more minutes before heading to an empty classroom in the institution to clock coverage of the attacks on TV and also to call former angry President dick Cheney and then-New York branch George Pataki. 

The attacks on the people Trade facility in new York City, the Pentagon in Washington, and also a flight that finished up crashing in a ar in Pennsylvania killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

Moments after bush was told about the attacks, he offered an attend to from the Sarasota school telling the general public that there had been a terror attack.

The previous president climate boarded Air pressure One come head back to Washington.

Bush and former very first Lady Laura shrub are briefed on September 11, 2001Credit: The U.S. Nationwide Archives
Bush delivers his address to the nation after the 9/11 assaults from the Oval OfficeCredit: The U.S. National Archives

Bush handle the country from the Oval Office later on that night, condemning the "acts of fixed murder" that killed thousands that Americans and vowing the the nation would not ago down right into "chaos and also retreat."

"American to be targeted for strike because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world," the went on. "And no one will save that light from shining."

"Today, our nation saw angry - the very worst of human being nature - and we responded v the best of America.

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"With the daring of ours rescue workers, v the caring because that strangers and also neighbors who pertained to give blood and assist in any way they could," shrub said.


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He concluded his decided by imploring the American civilization to unite and vow to confront down the opponent together.

"America has stood down enemies before, and also we will do so this time," he said.

"None of united state will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to safeguard freedom and all that is an excellent and just in our world."


Brian Laundrie sleuths probe reason of death, notebook, parents, and 'gator' theory